Community Photos 2/16/13

Smart Dog From Len Burgess

Refused to walk the plank!

-Len Burgess


Vicki Gamage writes-

Does anyone know where this Mother Anne Rock is located in Gloucester?



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13 Responses to Community Photos 2/16/13

  1. Kim Smith says:

    The rock is located at Eastern Point near the lighthouse. Park at the light house parking lot and walk through the marshy area of the Audubon sanctuary, towards the Atlantic. When you get to the water, look back towards the lighthouse and you will see Mother Ann.

  2. Jim Clyde says:

    As I recall, it’s located at the end of Eastern Point to the left of the lighthouse as you’re looking out to sea…. of course, you have to climb over lots of rocks and be viewing it from the correct angle to make it out! Caveat: As a lawyer friend of mine is fond of saying: I reserve the right to be wrong!

  3. Sharon says:

    Mother Ann is a rock formation located near the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts. When viewed at the correct angle, the formation appears to be the silhouette of a reclining Puritan woman. It is also believed locally that the formation represents the royal mother of King Charles I, Anne of Denmark, after whom Cape Ann is named.
    The formation may have been named by Captain William Thompson of Salem in 1891, and has since been compared to New Hampshire’s Old Man in the Mountain. A nearby whistling buoy is known as “Mother Ann’s Cow”.

  4. Len says:

    Mother Ann Rock is next to Eastern Point Lighthouse. She’s alive and well. Here she is on Oct. 2012d after a big storm.

  5. Donna says:

    Yep – the others have it..Used to climb around those rocks when I was a kid…Had to be convinced I was looking at a profile of someone…As I came into my teenage years – the profile became more clear. Last time I checked it out a couple of years ago, it was still the profile I remember from my teenage years.
    Note: you do have to move around a bit to catch the correct angle – but it’s lovely over there – so worth the clamber…

  6. lowell peabody says:

    Eastern Point near the lighthouse.

  7. Vicki says:

    Thanks so much everyone! Now I’m going to trek out there and find it. It’s awesome!!!

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