A Very Important GMG Poll (ok, not really) From John McElhenny

wardrobe dilemma

John McElhenny writes-

Everyone knows GoodMorningGloucester readers are the most fashionable blog readers anywhere. I wore this outfit today but a certain woman I may or may not be married to gave me the look that says, “Are you really going out of the house in that outfit?” Who’s right?


  • Option 4–both the shirt and vest are great individually John, just not meant to be worn together on the same day!

  • When Kim Smith talks about fashion, people best listen. Also I love the nice way she says, “You’re dressed like a tool.” :-) Thanks, Kim.

    • No–never once crossed my mind that you dress like a tool–just think in this instance spring-like crisp lilac and white gingham is not a good combination with wooly and heathered winter gray and black argyle. BTW, I like your skinny jeans on you, and to clarify, meaning skinny jeans are not meant for everyone.

  • John haven’t you learned that the wife is always right?

    • See what bothers me most about this is I feel like others are jumping on the break Johnnycakes ball bandwagon where I thought I was once special.

      Id like to think of it this way- John is an independent thinker, a risk taker. It’s taking risks like this that landed him the high powered vp job at InkHouse.

      He’s a monster in the PR world. You dont get the there by playing it safe

    • In my house that’s DEFINITELY true, Felicia.

  • i like johns style! it matches his personality..isn’t that whats fashions about? :)

  • I was thinking the exact same thing as Sista Felicia – I question whether or not this guy is actually married given that he would actually publicly question if his wife is wrong or not, if he is married he’s a newb and won’t last another week at this rate and needs more than just fashion help.

  • John, if you aren’t wearing an Argyle sweater and a checkered type shirt I will walk right by and not recognize you. It’s your brand. You have to wear your brand. It’s like the Rubber Duck. No wait, it’s not. That was a mistake that cannot be undone.

  • Stripes and checks make eyes hurt.

  • So very, very wrong in so many, many ways. Cheers to whomever tried to amend the situation on your behalf.

  • They just don’t go together!
    Listen to that ‘certain woman’.

  • Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
    ― Orson Welles

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