Someone Likes Mocking Me

Someone I may or may not be related to through marriage thinks I’m crazy for showering before and after the gym and that I wear several pairs of fresh undies a day.

Is it strange to want to keep my nuts comfy fresh?

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12 Responses to Someone Likes Mocking Me

  1. Several? My definition of several is four or more. A few is three, a couple is two. You wear four or more tighty whities per day? Mock mock mock. There is minty fresh and then there is OCD. Tiny Tim took a shower each time he went to the bathroom. That’s OCD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why shower before the gym?

  3. pclbc says:

    I brought you up well

  4. Hot shower before working out is the best. Best way to loosen up. If I had one shower to take before or after working out I would take it before.

  5. I shower every morning, with a shave every other day. Once in a blue moon, Janet will say: “Breakfast, and let’s go NOW!” So I dress and forgo a shower for the day. Nobody cares. My former gig rowing friend Beverly, a nurse at Mass General, didn’t shower on Sundays. It’s good for your skin, and it’s good for your flexibility in life. Funny how we get accustomed to routines. Try living without a bath/shower like 2/3 of the world.

  6. Judy B. says:

    Whatever floats your boat…….

  7. jose smoothtrax says:

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Just a little saying I came up with.

  8. Eloise Brown says:

    Tis better to take too MANY showers than not enough!!!!!

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