How many GMG Friends does it take to unlock a car

February 3, 2013 0How many people

About Donna Ardizzoni

Business Manager, Grandmother, love living in Gloucester, love to swim, walk and of course take pictures. Our company does computer networking, Office Management, Medical Billing, transcription, networking software updates and virus protection
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12 Responses to How many GMG Friends does it take to unlock a car

  1. swimdad says:

    One with a AAA Card

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a typical work crew… 1 working and 5 watching.

  3. Alicia cox says:

    Melissa stop locking keys in cars

  4. E.J. says:

    It was a fun end to a great get together, and all turned out well, with no need for AAA. GMGers know how to get things done.

  5. “with no need for AAA.” Yes EJ, but would a GMG Author get out of bed at 2am in the middle of a snowstorm to change your tire or jumpstart you, or tow you 100 miles back home to Gloucester? :)

  6. jose smoothtrax says:

    Is that an Oldsmobile Cutlass?

  7. My 1987 Delta 88 (a spry 26 years old) has a single button that either locks or unlocks the car doors if my finger even gets close to deciding which angle of that button to press. In many cases, the loud retro electronic lock swiftly chooses for me, and seals my fate upon leaving the premises…thanks GMGers for coming to our rescue!

    After twenty minutes of running, with the doors locked and heat on full blast, her cold steel frame and warm blue velvet interior, swept us down the windy coastal roads of Gloucester, passing pond skaters, a medieval castle, and the rocky shoreline dusted with snow. On that bright, beautiful, snowy Sunday morning, I was reminded that being on the receiving end of friendships, will warm even the coldest of hearts.

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