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Snowy Owl Photo Taken In Morning- Dead By Afternoon

Christine Morey submits- Good afternoon Joey – I took this photo yesterday in Rockport – Magnificent creature! By this morning, he had died in the same place – just tragic!  The Animal Control Officer who came to collect him said … Continue reading

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Shooting Windows from Len Burgess

Getting a lot of different ice crystal formations on my old windows with this frigid weather. –LB Only Nature Could Produce Something This Beautiful.

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The Iron Lady, and US Battleships From Fred Bodin

Fred writes- I recently watched the movie "Iron Lady" on DVD, starring Merrill Streep. It’s about Prime Minister Margaret Thacher of Great Britain. I love the the overall history, but particularly in this film, her retaking of the Falkland Islands … Continue reading

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Niles Pond

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This couldn’t have ended well.

On 128 West Glo-town. Let’s do some basic math…10 foot hoop plus truck bed 3 feet…low bridge 12 feet 9 inches Ya think it’s gonna be a tight fit?

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The sunsets are getting better and better with the cold weather

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Biodegradable Ornaments

that are still decorating this tree in Annisquam. I’m surprised deer or some other creatures didn’t eat them. E.J. Lefavour

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Camera Found

Camera found on the ice on Niles Pond, Sunday afternoon. Call 978 281 1626.Thanks.Miriam Weinstein

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Weather’s warming up, nights are heating up

I wouldn’t call this a heat wave, but it’s actually above freezing outside for the first time in a while and there’s plenty of live music to be had all over Cape Ann tonight — with most of the shows … Continue reading

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Eastern Bluebird

The male Eastern Bluebird shows a brilliant indigo blue on the head and back, with a rusty reddish brown breast. The female is more softly colored overall, with elegant gray wings, tinged in shades of blue, and paler breast. Eastern … Continue reading

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Presenting Ed by E.J. Part I

Maybe one a day. Ed as a stand in for Dolly Parton.

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Uhmmm Do I Need To Get Snoop Maddie Mad Checked Out?

Define Crazy- What Up Mad Pie? For those of you interested in Public Skating times at O’Maley you can click on the Calendar Below to find an updated calendar and more info- http://www.gloucesterschools.com/talbot-rink

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Bridal Show Cruise Port

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Caveman Chili!

What hot food do they sell at The Cave? Caveman chili, of course! If those ingredients look good to you, you’ll love the way they taste! This chili is NOT your run-of-the-mill generic chili. I tried some the other day, … Continue reading

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Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon is a name for the full moon that occurs in January. This name is popularly attributed to the Native Americans. According to popular culture this name was chosen because they heard hungry wolf packs howling outside the villages. This full moon is also known … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It!- The Poetry of Peter Albert Todd

Peter writes on his website- enjoy a taste of gloucester… Peter A. Todd, often called the "unofficial poet laureate" of Gloucester, has written over 800 poems in his life.  Most of these deal with his musing on the things he … Continue reading

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Presenting Ed

EJ and Paul really came through with the slides for my presentation.  I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for helping make Ed’s night special.

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