Monday night open jam @ The Rhumb Line



Many of you know that Dan King is out on the west coast for a few months. He left last Tuesday. We had the pleasure of him playing at the jam the night before he left.

bandit kings

The Bandit Kings (that Dan King is the lead guitarist in and shares  vocals with AnnMarie Shimanoski and Renee Dupuis, Dennis Monagle and Joe Cardoza) have been the host band for well over a year, if I am correct.

*Looks like I stand corrected on that one. It’s been three years. My how time flies when you are having fun. Thank you Joe Cardoza for pointing that out.

It has been the best time and I have grown to love them not only for their music but for who they are. For me, if I had to choose between a night of the week to hear live music Monday would be it. So many players come out old and new and get together to let loose. There have been many nights that magic has been an understatement.

I think that in maybe four years I have missed two jams. One due to being sick and the other being away on vacation. That’s how awesome it is.

Dan King turned me on to the jam many years ago. He was playing at an open mic  with Fly Amero on Wednesday and I was blown away. They did some Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin songs (never was much of a Pink Floyd fan but am now).

Dan said if you like that sort of thing you should come out Monday and the rest is history. I am not alone, there are some real die hard fans of  the Monday night open jam. I have heard it said that Monday is the new Friday and it’s true.

Mark Pelosi was the first host of the new open jam two weeks ago in Dan King’s absence. Me being a creature of habit and wondering how anyone would fill Dan’s shoes (and let me tell you it ain’t gonna be that easy) .


When I saw Mark Pelosi on the stage, I was excited because he is the lead singer in the band Groove and at that moment, reassurance set it. First song was L. A. Woman the rest was history.

Last week Joe Wilkins was the lead host. Joe Wilkins of “The Wilkins Noise” is an uprising band that I believe will be going places. The last few times they played out they had the crowd begging for more.


Now, what I think will prove to make it a successful jam is the presence of the rest of The Bandit Kings sharing what they have learned from Dan King , who I consider “The Master” and being fair to all the players who show up to jam. Also, pleasing the audience like they have done so many times.

The Bandit Kings kept the jam going for a long time with lots of new originals and lively cover songs. Ones that would make you get up and dance. Like so many do. They set the stage for the rest and worked hard to make it the big success that it was and believe it will be.

Tonight is Inge Berge’s turn. I am looking forward to this because Inge has a unique  style of music and knows how to entertain the crowd. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact Inge use to host the jam a few years back.  Inge is probably one of the most melodious (singer/songwriter) musicians out there and always strives for perfection. He shares his originals as well as some very popular covers.  Just take a look at the thick book he brings with him when he has a gig. The crowd is never disappointed when he’s up to play.


Last week Willie “Loco” Alexander showed up to jam…… surprise yes. I’m guessing maybe it was because Dan was leaving or an extension of his birthday celebration, a day or so before. Whatever the reason it’s always a boogie woogie blast when he shows up.



It’s going to be interesting to see who shows up to host the jam in the next few months.

Just an idea of  some of the players who have and do show up on an occasion to jam. Brian O’Connor, Scott Noring, Sarah Seminski, Mike Miksis,Tim Pike, Andy Pratt, Mark Pelosi, Ned Nugent, Leo Ciaramitaro, Greg Dan, Bradley Royds, Pete Lindberg, Michael Thomas Doyle, Mike O’Connell, Gary Shane, Jittery Jack, George Hall, Sebastian Moceri,Willie “Loco” Alexader, Renee Dupuis, AnnMarie Shimonanski, Joe Cardoza, Dennis Monagle, Joe Wilkins, Luke Conlin, Evie Gariepy, Ryan Alto, Joey Unis and other members of the the BF’s, John Newcomer, Marina Evans, Charlee Bianchi, Chelsea Berry, Chris Keating, Ken Cleveland, Julie Cleveland, Chris Langathianos, Jen Morrison, Derek, Dmus (Mark Mitchel), Ross The Boss, Paula Karahalis, Will Hunt, Janice Fullman, Soul Rebel Project, Jesse Ciaramataro of Qwill, Vinny Briguglio, Inge Berge, Soule Monde, Megan McKenzie, Frank Hawks, Ric Saint Germain, Ken Steiner, Brian King, Shane Bedez, Nelson Bragg (who plays for the Brian Wilson Band) Mari Martin, Rick Geraghty, Carlos Menezes Jr. and others from The Runaround and that’s not all. This list is from the top of my head and I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

So come sing, play, listen and/or dance if you feel so inclined. One thing for sure it’s always a good time.

About Joanne

I am a live music advocate and seek to share the news of bands playing at local venues in my home town. Being drawn to blues mostly but embrace all kinds of music. Funny most people say they do not like rap but I have heard some pretty good stuff from a local band known as The Dmus Sound Project. They are a class act. If you see a posting for them check them out and see for yourself. One does not have to go over the bridge to hear some real fine tunes, however there are some bands that draw you elsewhere. I hope this blog is a good use to you as it is to me. Enjoy, Joanne
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8 Responses to Monday night open jam @ The Rhumb Line

  1. Sharon says:

    Nice work, Joanne!

  2. Thanks for the great story Joanne….will miss my nephew Dan a lot!!

  3. Yes, a great article, and a great roundup of the musicians and the scene, at the Open Jam[m]. Someday I hope to make it on that list of musicians! Inge did certainly kill it tonight as special guest.

    • Joanne says:

      Julie, I just added you to the list. I remember you playing one night on the keyboard with Ken. There is a photo somewhere to prove it too. Looking forward to you joining them again in the near future. :)

      • Again, Joanne, great write-up – I just read it again, now that I’m fully awake, LOL, after last night’s incredible night of almost exclusively musicians playing on stage and out in the audience, wow. Hopefully I’ll be able to play more, trying to find a keyboard or situation where I can hear myself playing better down there, and also, of course, I am now playing melodica!!! :-)

  4. Joey C says:

    Great work Joanne. A great tribute and heartfelt writing.

  5. Joanne says:

    The Bandit Kings (that Dan King is the lead guitarist in and shares vocals with AnnMarie Shimanoski and Renee Dupuis, Dennis Monagle and Joe Cardoza) have been the host band for well over a year, if I am correct.

    *Looks like I stand corrected on that one. It’s been three years. My how time flies when you are having fun. Thank you Joe Cardoza for pointing that out.

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