GMG: A Powerhouse of Positivity for Gloucester

In response to the commenters yesterday who implied that by virtue of contributing to GMG, we contributors are somehow tainted: As only one member of the GMG team, I speak only for myself. My policy is no public recriminations and no judgements made toward my fellow contributors, to the people who make comments, nor to Joey. I wholeheartedly choose to be a part of the GMG team and only have the utmost respect for Joey’s community-minded spirit and all he does–tirelessly, day in and day out–to support his beloved Gloucester and all her facets, including the people, the non-profits, the businesses, the maritime industry, and the arts community.  THERE IS NO ONE WORKING HARDER to strengthen our community—who also asks for NOTHING IN RETURN.

Ed, Joey, John, Mayor Kirk.

There are literally tens of thousands of examples of how Joey has helped our community. If you have a spare moment, I invite you to write in the comment section on how GMG has helped you directly, or indirectly, whether business, non profit, musician, or artist. Your comment could be as simple as thanks for posting my flyer or a thank you for the more extensive coverage you may have received through a feature story, photos, and/or video.

Joey, Felicia, Sefatia, Pat

Last October I was at Eastern Point Lighthouse photographing and met a German couple. They were traveling through New England and had only two hours earlier stepped off the plane from Germany. Their mission—to see butterflies at Eastern Point because they had read about the Monarchs on several of the contributor’s posts on GMG. Imagine—From Germany to Boston to Gloucester, because of GMG. I think this bears repeating—from Germany to Boston to First Stop Gloucester—because of something they had read on GMG.

I wish detractors would recognize GMG for what it truly is: A Powerhouse of Positivity for Gloucester. GMG is a FREE PLATFORM for your photos, community events listings, business, writing, paintings, music events; the list goes on and on. GMG is Not a glossy magazine with a large staff and big budget. GMG is the readers, the commenters, and the contributors, but it is mainly one guy typing away in his funky office (often writing and posting in between off loading lobster boats), a very hard-working guy, with the all responsibilities of wife, kids, family, business, and friends.

I feel extraordinarily blessed to be a contributor and to be part of the GMG community. Through GMG I have met some of the biggest-hearted and most fun friends I could ever hope to know. Thank you Joey with all my heart.

Joey yoga

About Kim Smith

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester's Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor. Author/illustrator "Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden"
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78 Responses to GMG: A Powerhouse of Positivity for Gloucester

  1. Kim: So agree wholeheartly.. very proud of our team and especially of Joey. He has brought the best out of all of us and the community. Thank you for your post…

  2. As a GMG contributor, I wholeheartedly agree with you Kim. Joey is doing so many positive things for so many people and organizations that I can’t keep track of it. GMG is an experience I will forever treasure.

  3. Valerie says:

    GMG has always been a fabulous supporter of Sawyer Free Library. Joey, Kim, Paul F, Manny S, E.J., Donna, Beth S to name a few,have all posted on behalf of SFL. I also am so impressed w/ Thom F, David C, and Manny S especially all the time they spend taking pics of school athletics, and not always just “official” sports, like the powder puff last fall. I especially love the “crowd shots” at games, in addition to the players.GMG also supports all kinds of school events like DECA events, and fund raisers. GMG is a huge support for the entire community, and because of that, I think people forget that it is someone’s private blog. Joey and the rest of the team don’t OWE anybody any explanation of what they choose to post. Period. I love the random stuff too. (Paul M, Paul F, etc etc) If you don’t like it, dont read it!

  4. E.J. says:

    Beautiful post Kim, and all so true. Joey and GMG are an incredible force for good on Cape Ann. I can’t imagine life here without Joey, Good Morning Gloucester, and all of the wonderful people (contributors and fob’s) that I have had the pleasure of meeting, getting to know and become friends with as a result. Myself and artists all over Cape Ann owe a huge debt of gratitude to Joey for his promotion of the arts here. All of us involved with the blog have GMG as part of our daily life, interaction with and sharing love of Gloucester and all she is and means to so many different people from different walks of life, beliefs and philosophies. If every community could have a Joey and a GM_, what an amazing world this could be. I am very grateful to be here and blessed to be a part of the GMG family.

  5. cammygrammy says:

    Great post but I’m not sure why this is even a question. What have the numbers been? How many local nonprofits have not only been helped but continue to exist because of Joey’s work with the blog? How many local businesses have been boosted by Joey’s commentary and pictures. GMG is the strongest advocate for all things Cape Ann that I have found. Keep up the good work, Joe. Oh, and continue to be you and have some fun, too!

  6. Jenna says:

    Yes I think we would all feel better and do better if we focused on what we DO love about the blog and not what we do not – and what a great way to live life in general, really. I would not be aware of ANY community goings-on without this blog. I do not hang out at bars or at the library or show up to chamber of commerce gigs in Gloucester, but thanks to Joey’s blog I always know what is going on around town and where to eat and who is doing what and it absolutely,100%, is the first time I have lived somewhere and felt such a wonderful REAL sense of community. THANK YOU JOEY!!!! I really appreciate all that you do!!

    • Kim Smith says:

      Me too, Jenna, regarding that sense of community afforded by GMG, and too, I would miss out on so many great events and activities without the convenience of the blog’s community postings!

  7. Anonymous says:

    lets compare the blog to the recent political campaign all on our airwaves and newspapers and web….we were all were part of that process in some way. The slander,lies,cruelty,hate speech and bullshit dominated . There are none of those things going on here.

  8. Looking at your first photo Kim, taken at my gallery, I see Ed Collard (now President of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce), Joey C. (creator if Good Morning Gloucester), John McElhenny (VP at Matter Communications), and Carolyn Kirk, Mayor of the City of Gloucester. Without Good Morning Gloucester, this would not have happened.

  9. Ann Kennedy says:

    It’s been interesting as an out-of-towner to follow the commentary on blog content. What is so beautifully apparent throughout the discussion is how much the people of Gloucester care. I might not fully understand that if it weren’t for GMG. That is awesome and infinitely better than apathy.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Thank you for sharing your “out-of-towner” perspective Ann (great point), however I think everyone on the team propably feels like you are part of GMG because of your always kind and thoughtful comments.

  10. This GMG family we have here always amazes me the engine of which is Joey. 24/7 the guy seems to eats sleep and drink nonstop the furthering of all things good about Cape Ann and Gloucester. I am not the only one that at anytime you could go to Joey and ask him for the shirt off his back and he would say, “what size do you need bro.” When I met Joey and Ed I knew I had found the right place since either these two dudes were absolutely nuts or this was a cool place to be because they cared so much. And it doesn’t stop with those two it keeps on going but the infection starts with our fearless leader who can’t stop being Joey if he tried.

    Father Green and I might have pointed out some warts but we both love the whole, warts and all. But what are friends for? If your walking down main street with a big booger hanging out of your nose I’m going to point it out. You know Joey would.

  11. Joey also will post about lost animals, victims of Hurricane Sandy, the fire victims, school events, non profit events, etc. Kudos to Joey and GMG

  12. Carolyn Kirk says:

    To answer your question Kim, what I love about Goodmorninggloucester is that it is a reflection of the community. If you held a mirror up to Gloucester, you would see GMG!

    Thank you Joey and all the contributors. It is so fun to see the contributors all over the city. My favorite moments sometimes end up on the cutting room floor – like the time Donna A. and I swarmed the movie set on Rocky Neck looking for the hair and make up trailer!

    • “like the time Donna A. and I swarmed the movie set on Rocky Neck looking for the hair and make up trailer!”

      This is a blog. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Perfectly said about GMG being a mirror of our community. Thank you for writing Mayor Kirk and thank you too for your extraordinary dedication to the citizens of Gloucester. I think of you also as another shining example of a Powerhouse of Positivity.

      So sorry I missed you and Donna swarming Rocky Neck for movie trailers–would love that photo!

    • I remember that day very well, that crew must have thought we were a little off, especially when you were laughing and I asked to have some waxing done, ….thanks Carolyn

  13. Charlene Carrier says:

    I guess it comes down to “Freedom of the Press” with discretion. As I said Joey is Joey. Cc

  14. Grammy Kathy says:


    • Kim Smith says:

      Simply wonderful to hear this–thank you for sharing Grammy Kathy. As EJ said, “If every community could have a Joey and a GMG, what an amazing world this could be.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    Really? Lets think about it for a minute….who’s better then Joey C? Right…..nobody. End of story. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change. Continue to make us laugh by poking fun at super hot and sexy, better then Sinatra singers, your poop tales, tweets of the day, rants, and everything in between. Those that question it, move on. Find a blog better then this…I dare you. Haven’t found it yet? Didn’t think so. Joey- you are the Tom Brady of blogging.

  16. GMG is responsible for hubs and I moving to Gloucester. We decided to transplant from the mountains of PA and were searching for a suitable place when I stumble onto the site. I thought it was so much better than other “tourism blogs” because instead of just listing activities and goings-on in a boring and flat way, it’s full of personality. I kept reading it and it helped flesh Gloucester out in my head because there’s so much personality on the darned site, running the gamut from fart jokes to butterfly pictures. So there ya go.

  17. Kim Smith says:

    Very,very appreciative of your writing and sharing your story Brooke, because it is kind of amazing- and more proof positive of the Power of Positivity that is Joey and GMG!

  18. Joey and GMG has introduced our business to Gloucester in a way we could not have even dreamed of. His and Alicia’s generosity with their time and energy videotaping our business and letting people know what we do is priceless to us and also made us feel so welcome as a new business. Also Joey’s positive energy and enthusiasm towards fellow business owners and the non profits in Gloucester has a tremendous impact on the whole city. I didn’t know Joey till a couple of months ago and before that knowing his blog and the popularity of it I would have thought maybe as a local celebrity of sorts that he would be unapproachable or maybe even have a touch of arrogance but nothing could be further from the truth – he is genuine and such a positive nice guy. Not only is he a really nice guy but his mom and Sista Felicia are also really nice people – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I love what he says – A rising tide lifts all boats – and sums up our experience of him very well, he is a generous guy who gives freely of his time to his community and asks nothing in return. This blog gets tens of thousands of hits a day yet there are no advertisements no PayPal donation buttons it’s just a gift to the readers everyday. Also we have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the GMG contributors as a result of this blog and they are all very talented smart nice genuine people. Joey has created a very positive blog that brings people together for those that can’t understand that because there is the occasional poop or fart post that’s their loss.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Thank you for writing Cape Ann Giclee.

      Anna and James give so much of themselves in their artistry that it is a great experience to work with them on projects. I am so glad to have gotten to know them–through GMG!!!

  19. Sarah Larson says:

    I just moved to Gloucester in October and adore GMG! This is a wonderful way to get introduced to the community and I don’t find anything objectionable about the posts. While I sympathize with the pressure the good father might be under from some of his parishioners, I suspect they are in the minority. As an Episcopalian and a graduate of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, I probably disagree with him on most doctrinal/social/political issues. But I truly enjoy his posts and look forward to his contributions. Why would any of us want to read a publication filled only with thoughts that already agree with our own?

  20. Donna says:

    I only ever objected to the profane language…still do.
    …Don’t see much to either agree or disagree on the blog….

  21. GMG has been integral to my decision to relocate to Gloucester.. Every contributor and every person my husband and I have met from this blog helps create a sense of pride and community. I am so thankful that we ran into Ed on one of our weekly trips to enjoy Cape Ann! In our time following the blog, we have learned about hidden but lovely businesses, participated in the Rocky Neck Plunge on New Year’s, and helped take down the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree. We have become part of a community where we do not even reside ( but we are working on that).

    In addition, Joey posted the book trailer for my children’s book. It was priceless to me to see that on my favorite blog.

    I only hope that someday I’ll get the chance to thank Joey in person!

  22. Christine says:

    I am a FOB. GMG is the only blog I read daily. I have friends who live out of state who read it. The photography is incredible and I often share it on FB for my friends who love to visit or would like to! Joey’rants make me laugh til I nearly pee myself! The list of social happenings is awesome! I always can find out what’s going on in Gloucester. Joey will post about fundraisers and school events that you can’t find elsewhere. I think it’s terrific that Father Green contributes his pictures. It shows what a well rounded group GMG contributors are!

  23. Mary says:

    I’m sure when Joey began his blog, he never imagined the impact he would have on this community. Next time I see him, I will make a point to introduce myself and to say thank you to him for all of his hard work.
    On occasion, I do find an offensive chose of words. I will quickly scroll on down to the next post, and that’s how I choose to deal with it. It does not happen often, and for me, not a problem. That being said, I can empathize with Fr Green’s dilemma. My hope is that he will continue, for he adds so much to this community. He’ll find the answer that he is looking for with the help of the good Lord.
    Thanks again, Joey C, you rock!

  24. I can tell you this, without this blog I would not know half the stuff at is going on in town. My wife and I use it for restraint reviews, event planning even if so of the events are a little on the dark side, to help relatives get an idea about the area and a laugh now and then. Nevertheless, local business, arties, event planners, politicians and hangers on have to be happy when they see people show up with a little help of joey c and his crew. Without vulgarity you can’t enjoy a good rainbow when you see it.

    • Alicia Cox says:

      absolutely Brian! I read GMG everyday to catch up on what I missed and whats to come! I believe GMG was the first to spill the beans about Ed’s new seat. :) To piggyback on what other people have said I have met a handful of people that have moved her because of the info found on GMG and others who do not live here but follow everyday.
      Keep doin what you’re doin cause you’re doin just fine!

    • Ann Kennedy says:

      I think I need to read some of the restraint reviews! HAHA!

  25. Bradley Scheetz says:

    To Kim’s original reply and to those numerous that share her sentiments, I concur in spades. Amazing how petty, fickle, (other word) people can be. While my newlywed-wife Kimberly and I have not yet had the privilege to meet Joey , we look forward to the day immensely. The GMG (award-winning GMG!) is amazing blog for an amazing community. Love all of you and all the continued BEST this year! YOU GO DUDE!

  26. cassius k says:

    Community+Joey+GMG+FOB=The best damn town this side of galaxy, period.

  27. Beth says:

    Well done, Kim! Positive force! :)

  28. Pingback: Thank you | GoodMorningGloucester

  29. Rich B says:

    to Joey, the contributors, and other FOB…Thank you for such a wonderful glimpse into this community before my family finally decided to move here. Thank you for welcoming everyone. Thank you for introducing me to new friends and new experiences. Thank you for smiles on my kid’s face. Thank you for my daily dose of positivity. The you for guiding me to fun and beautiful scenery. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for reminding us to stay true.

  30. S.D. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the post, Kim. One thing I love about Joey is that is he extends his deep love for Gloucester to the other communities on Cape Ann, promoting all the good stuff going on from Essex to Rockport and everywhere in between — I know the Motif No. 1 Day festival and HarvestFest in Rockport have grown thanks in no small part to exposure on this blog, and that’s just one small example. As I like to say (not really): “from butterflies to bikini volleyball, GMG has got it all…”

    • Kim Smith says:

      Thank you Sarah for writing and pointing that out about Cape Ann–everywhere the word Gloucester was used it could easily have been replaced with Cape Ann.

      LOL “from butterflies to bikini volleyball, GMG has got it all…” But so true!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the great work…. love it love it….

  32. I couldn’t agree more with all the love and effort Joey puts into GMG. The dude eats sleeps and drinks GMG. I do hope that GMG is also open to opinions that are different and although may be in the minority are listened to. As long as the opinions are honest they should be heard.

  33. Ray W says:

    Five generations of our family have either lived in or continue to visit Gloucester. GMG allows us the feeling that we have never left.

    • Kim Smith says:

      I completely empathize Ray. Growing up I spent summers at my Grandparents home on Cape Cod, and absolutely hated leaving–just the worst feeling imaginable!!! I think that’s one reason why we chose to make Gloucester our year round home. I am so glad GMG makes you feel as though you never left!

  34. John McElhenny says:

    Great post, Kim. Joey and GoodMorningGloucester bring people together, help them get to know each other, and strengthen the bonds among people in our community. Is there any activity more admirable than that? Can’t think of one.

    Oh, and Joey and his blog bring laughter and beauty into tens of thousands of people’s lives every day. There’s that, too.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Beautifully said John. Thank you and thank you for adding the part about beauty and laughter–

      In case anyone is wondering why Joey is holding up a pair of yoga pants with his name emblazoned across the butt–they are a birthday gift from none other than JohnnyMac. Watching Joey model his gift was one of the funniest GMG moments ever.

  35. Thom Falzarano says:

    Kim it couldn’t be said any better. GMG Joe as he is called in my home, has created one of the best media outlets here in Gloucester. He WELCOMES EVERYONE with open arms and does all of this for the love of Gloucester. I have met great people thru this venue and have had great fun and learned a thing or two about this city via GMG. I am glad there are differences of opinion, people can ask questions, give feedback and all of this makes a difference in our lives and the city.

    To Joey, thank you for this venue, letting me be part of this great group people, getting the not so mainstream sports in the spotlight and making a few people smile!

  36. Kim Smith says:

    Thank you Thom for writing so eloquently. I am so glad to call you my fellow contributor–you are one of those kind-hearted and fun people to whom I had in mind when writing the post..

  37. Bill Cox says:

    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents…and probably stretch it to 3 cents as I tend to do. I have always enjoyed the blog and realize how much it keeps us informed of everything (fundraisers, concerts, events, new businesses) going on in this city not to mention all of the breaking news that gets reported here. Personally I appreciate all of the support given to the Phyllis A on GMG. When we had our scrap metal drive, at least 90% of those donating said they had heard it here. When we send in announcements for events, you are great for putting things up right away…. I am still waiting for another local news source (ahem, GDT) to post our fundraiser at Giuseppe’s back in December (or my thank you letter). Keep up the good work and all the great support you all give to the community!

    • Kim Smith says:

      Who would have known about the support given by GMG to the Phyllis A without you sharing that info Bill–thank you so much for letting us all know and thank you for taking the time to write.

  38. Right on Bill. My best to you and Madame Councillor for this New Year. Fred.

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