Ask Joey C: Cocky Teen or Obnoxious Adolescent? With A Reader Poll

This just in to the Ask Joey Mailbag-

Horny 32 year old asks-

Hi Joey I’d like your opinion on a situation that just happened here at the restaurant.

I’m a server at #f%&(*^ Restaurant, I’m 32 years old and consider myself attractive.  Our barback has been attempting to make small talk more and more with me as he knows I’ve recently broken up with my long term boyfriend.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered or not because I don’t even think he’s 21 years old.  He’s attractive and polite but I’m over a decade older than him.

I will give him credit for his delivery.  In the course of our latest conversation he half jokingly/half serious suggested we get together and play darts and then we could go on a date.   What impressed me was his confidence in asking me out even though I’m much older than him and his delivery which left it open for me to accept or deny his advance without making it awkward the next time I see him at work.

Is it creepy for me to go out with him if he’s under 21 and I’m 32?

(Name withheld for obvious privacy reasons)

Joey C Response

Let me get right to the major points here.

I’m proud of this kid.  To be that far along in years to toss out that kind of delivery speaks volumes about his game.  He may be under 21 but his actions and delivery give him big time props in my book.  He’s also much less likely to fall asleep on your ass and take care of your womanly needs if you are more or less looking for the wham bam athletic kinda session or two.   What he probably hasn’t mastered at the tender young age of under twenty is how to please you in a slower oral down south kinda way (if you get my drift). 

It’s probably going to be more of a wham bam, hop on hop off situation.  But hey, if you were in a long term relationship that might be just what you’re looking for for a couple go-arounds and to get back in the saddle. 

Anyway I wouldn’t let the age thing get in the way if you’re just looking for some nookie and who’s to say only men can date younger women.  It’s not like you’re gonna marry the kid, by the sounds of things you’re just looking for some sugar.

Props to the youngster.  If he has the finesse and smarts to lay a line on you that smooth, why not give him a shot at the title?

#Boom! Sage Wisdom Right There Baby!




About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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15 Responses to Ask Joey C: Cocky Teen or Obnoxious Adolescent? With A Reader Poll

  1. Bradley Scheetz says:


  2. I have to say go for it. I mean, long term will probably be out of the question, right? Because what does a 20 year old kid know. But it could be fun short term. Guys that age are so eager to please.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please forward to Dear Abby :)

  4. annonymous says:

    I say get the free dinner! Go for it. Get picked up at 7 and dropped off at 9.

  5. There’s only one way to find out. Go out with the guy and see what happens. Working behind the bar, he’s in a great position to meet a lot of ladies of all ages, every night. There are a lot of mature guys your age and older who you would love to meet you. I’m not a therapist, but I’t say don’t go looking for a relationship that is tagged for disaster. Good Luck.

  6. zippypinhead says:

    Yeah, go for it. He’s young dumb and full of….. well, you know……
    You’ll have the pleasure of teaching him a thing or three…. And, ya never know he might just teach you a thing or two.

  7. Kirch says:

    It always sucks to mess with someone you work with….Always! Yeah lets give him credit,
    but don’t think he hasn’t pulled this crap before. Its complete bull, I’ve seen it before…
    the restaurant business is a Petrie dish for this. Stand tall, walk away, be proud and know,
    its gonna get betta!

  8. I thought ageism was dead. Cougar is the big thing on cable right now. If his age is the only sticking point, then take a chance.

  9. Alicia Cox says:

    don’t even go there!

  10. Judy says:

    Ohhhhh. I assumed they were both guys; was squidgy about the age difference; wondering whether bartender might be projecting; impressed that Joey was so worldly; and thinking it was a bad idea for coworkers to date. I guess the same applies if bartender is a female: don’t.

  11. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Horney 32: Let us know what happened, one way or the other. The GMG poll overwhelmingly says “Go for it!”

  12. jose smoothtrax says:

    I say DO IT! You only go around once.
    Then, if he Fails in the sack, you can mock him at work.

  13. As a mom of kids around the kids age I have to say she should find someone closer to her own age. I wouldn’t want some 32 year old messing around with my 20 year old.

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