• I’ll bet the guy in the middle photo wrote that himself.

  • The last one is hysterical. Let’s see, I want to make the absolutely goofiest outfit imaginable. Could you top that? I don’t think so unless live animals pinned to the front was legal. Maybe a pair of chihuahuas.

  • CK, which sites or blogs are you reading these days to come across photos like this? Kim wrote the other day you were all video-maker-tough. Now this. You can be honest with us.

  • Craig, I can definitely see you in the blue – it’s your color, man!

  • Craig, I have to agree, I can totally see you in that last one.

  • Well, well, well, blue is my color y’all say? Then it’s done. I’ll order that puppy tonight! John, I can’t recall how I found it (rrriiigghht) I think I was following some crap down a digital worm hole. It was one of the photo that started it all. I just finished a nice jacket that I “built” from scrap wood I found in my shed. Looks pretty sweet!

  • they used to tar and feather or put folks in a Stockade but this looks like a step up for public humiliation.

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