Craig Kimberley’s Take On Fashion Shows

Craig Writes-

When someone tries to explain to you fashion, after you make the comment “I just don’t get fashion shows” show them this shit.

fashion 2x4please kill me fashion model dudeplease kill this guy

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8 Responses to Craig Kimberley’s Take On Fashion Shows

  1. Bill Langer says:

    I’ll bet the guy in the middle photo wrote that himself.

  2. The last one is hysterical. Let’s see, I want to make the absolutely goofiest outfit imaginable. Could you top that? I don’t think so unless live animals pinned to the front was legal. Maybe a pair of chihuahuas.

  3. John McElhenny says:

    CK, which sites or blogs are you reading these days to come across photos like this? Kim wrote the other day you were all video-maker-tough. Now this. You can be honest with us.

  4. abbielundberg says:

    Craig, I can definitely see you in the blue – it’s your color, man!

  5. E.J. says:

    Craig, I have to agree, I can totally see you in that last one.

  6. cassius k says:

    Well, well, well, blue is my color y’all say? Then it’s done. I’ll order that puppy tonight! John, I can’t recall how I found it (rrriiigghht) I think I was following some crap down a digital worm hole. It was one of the photo that started it all. I just finished a nice jacket that I “built” from scrap wood I found in my shed. Looks pretty sweet!

  7. Joan kimberley says:

    they used to tar and feather or put folks in a Stockade but this looks like a step up for public humiliation.

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