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MFers Dropping Like Flies

I’m shocked snd appalled. Ordered up this tuna salad with Thai peanut dressing and there wasnt a single placard or mention on the menu reminding people to ask their server if the Tuna salad with Thai peanut sauce had peanuts … Continue reading

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Offshore Gillnetting On George’s Bank 1980

Tuffy writes- Offshore gillnetting on georg

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Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 11- Herring

Thanks to Clark Dexter who dropped off this booklet filled with old fish recipes and some commentary from the man himself- Frank E Davis. The man who built the last building that was on I4C2- The Frank E Davis Fish … Continue reading

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One of life’s great mysteries. ..

Inevitably every vacation no matter where the destination this scene plays out- We set up on the beach, tip the guy to bring the umbrella and table set-up and settle in for a tough day.  We walk to the most … Continue reading

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Another fashion update

First the skinny Jeans, Yoga Pants, Crouch Gusset pants and now there are Meggings.  Meggings are: Meggings are real, and they’re getting an increasing amount of attention because of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz. Proud “meggers” are all … Continue reading

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Lunch with Marty Luster

Marty Luster and I had lunch and a beer at the Seaport Grille on Wednesday. We don’t really know each other well, but in spirit we’re certainly aligned. He has a freakin’ ton of life experience, me only a fraction … Continue reading

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Pretty Sky and Sand Designs

E.J. Lefavour http://www.khanstudiointernational.com

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Beautiful Gloucester Gulls from Donna, Sharon, Mark, Len, Ann, David, and Nicole

WOW!! Thank you for sharing your Gorgeous Homie photos!!! A second batch of new photos will be posted on Saturday.  The above photo comes from Mark Lombard and the below photo, of seagulls in the snow, is from Donna Ardizonni. … Continue reading

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Kid-Friendly-Music Wave Continues & 3 music videos

Weather forecasters call it a heatwave around here when it’s over 90 °F (32.2 °C) for three days in a row. For the past 3 days, we’ve had good music starting early enough to take the kids out, so I’m declaring it a … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be a wild kinda raise the roof night ~ Tonight @ The Rhumb Line’s Blues Party 9:00pm

Dave says, I’ve just about recovered from last week’s controlled explosion, so I’m ready to jump off that fiscal cliff once again to present to you that rat-a-tat rascal of the surf ‘n’ turf guitar: Mr. Bobby Davis. It’s gonna … Continue reading

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Download Of The Day “The Lumineers – “Flowers In Your Hair” Tour Video”

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Is it strange that I enjoy writing on vacation at a beach destination?

I can’t tell you how psyched I am when I finish writing a post like the upcoming Poop vs Lysol post or the MFers Dropping Like Flies post or the St Lucia vs Turks vs Playa post.  I get this … Continue reading

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Speaking of origami boxes… and my upcoming class

This cool origami Jack-in-the-box was designed by Max Hulme.  I really like this design because it is structurally very clean and logical, and very effective, folded from a single uncut 2×1 rectangle of wrapping paper (15″x7.5″). The instructions are in Eric … Continue reading

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Where Zat? #2 – The Rudder! MAJack and 8 others got the correct answer!

16 Responses to Where Zat? #2  To see more answers, click here! Thanks for playing!!! See you next week! Bradley Scheetz says: January 9, 2013 at 9:04 am (Edit) Is this a photo of home on Grapevine Road (on the Wonson Cove end)? Reply MAJack says: January … Continue reading

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East Gloucester School Family Night- Monday

Sent in From Alicia Cox of Mamie’s Kitchen: ~Alicia

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Brewing Up Some Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm Using A Keurig Single Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

At the dock I have a $20 cheapo coffee maker for when I can’t get to The Lone Gull or Cape Ann Coffee or Pleasant St but at the house The Mrs had been hinting that she wanted a Keurig.  … Continue reading

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