Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 10- Halibut

Thanks to Clark Dexter who dropped off this booklet filled with old fish recipes and some commentary from the man himself- Frank E Davis. The man who built the last building that was on I4C2- The Frank E Davis Fish Co.

I’ll be posting a page or two a day-

click the photos for the larger easier to read versions and click here for the other pages in the series

2012-12-30 08.09.11

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4 Responses to Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 10- Halibut

  1. Sarah says:

    I Googled about this “Frank E Davis Fish Co.” and found interesting facts… one of them is that the cookbook goes for about $150 current dollars for the original copy (IF I got that right) wow
    can someone tell us more about the history of this company.. are any products on the market still? Thank you

  2. Donna Beaman says:

    I have good memories of the Frank E. Davis Fish Co. My grandmother, Grace Enos (mother of the late “Doc” Enos) worked there in the early 50′s as a bookkeeper. My sisters and I would drop into the office on the way home from Woolworth’s or Kresge’s to see her. She use to show us off to her co-workers and always had a stash of candy bars in her desk.

    • Sarah says:

      thank you for explaining that Donna… I wonder the years of operation, where was it located and more history and maybe old photo’s about the place. I apreciate tihs bit of info too..

  3. Bob Ryan says:

    Tody’s page on Finnan Haddie…If you have a chance try the Finnan Haddie Chowder at the “Patio” restaurant in Magnolia. Not available always, but call to see if they have it on the menu.

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