Cambridge Health Experts Back Ban On Big Sodas and I’m Outraged

@GlobeDavidD: We do like to ban things here in Mass., don’t we? Latest: health experts back ban on big sodas in Cambridge. Shared via TweetCaster

Now normally I’d be all over these Commies for trying to take away our Civil liberties but I’m upset about this for a whole different set of reasons.

First and foremost because I look at it as a Darwinian type of deal. Like if you’re that grotesque that you gotta pound down the 64 oz Big Gulpie at 7 Eleven shouldn’t we let you so you can put yourself out of misery that much sooner and we won’t gave to carry your ass through retirement?

Just makes much more fiscal sense doesn’t it?

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7 Responses to Cambridge Health Experts Back Ban On Big Sodas and I’m Outraged

  1. I’m with you for the most part, but I think why some cities are taking such drastic measures is that these Big Gulp guzzlers get really sick and live the last several years (decades, even) in and out of the hospital. So we end up paying for their sick-care. And it’s a lot more expensive than health care, if that makes sense.

  2. jaykayg says:

    Does anyone remember the phrase ‘Personal Responsibility’?

  3. Craig Kimberley says:

    I wonder what they will do about buffets next? Stand at the end and watch you? Run over to your table and say “Hey fat ass, times up!” “I’m here to save your pathetic ass from yourself”…”And, your welcome!” I say, let them allow HUGE drinks, like 200 oz buckets with a straw. Or better yet, let folks pull up a chair to the soda fountain and have at it! It’s the new chapter of A.T.F.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire Arms, and Soda. Then they could switch it around to F.A.T.S.!

  4. Vickie & Peter says:

    It’s not Commies, it’s fascists. By law the Communist Party is banned in MA. Check it out here:

  5. Mary Barker says:

    love your humorous take on things! thanks for sharing

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