The Godfather of Punk~ Willie”Loco”Alexander~Tonight at The Rhumb Line’s Blues Party 9:00 pm

Dave Saginario

Dave says,

After a crushing season of shopping for that particularly insignificant other on  your list, why not forget all your woes and amuse yourself to some groovy sounds this Thursday. I’m proud to present that Goodfellow of Punk, Mr. Willie Alexander . Y’all know Willie; he’s mainstay of the local scene and keeper of the flame of vintage roots music. Expect a lot of piano-pounding to the  heartbeat of New Orleans and Memphis.  Joining us will be his longtime guitarist, Mr. Billy Loosigian, one of the best rockers I’ve ever heard. L’il Steevee Chaggaris will be manning the defibrillators.You’re gonna sweat, so bring your own  Diaperene©.

willie ff

About Joanne

I am a live music advocate and seek to share the news of bands playing at local venues in my home town. Being drawn to blues mostly but embrace all kinds of music. Funny most people say they do not like rap but I have heard some pretty good stuff from a local band known as The Dmus Sound Project. They are a class act. If you see a posting for them check them out and see for yourself. One does not have to go over the bridge to hear some real fine tunes, however there are some bands that draw you elsewhere. I hope this blog is a good use to you as it is to me. Enjoy, Joanne
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