Rocky Neck Plunge Countdown- 6 DAYS!!!!!! Comment and Get On the Pledge To Plunge List!

Pledge list- Joey C, Paul Morrison and Rubber MF Duck, Rick and Ericka Hyam, Karen Ristuben, Ed Collard, Heather Smidt and Nick Zagami, The Anderson clan is IN, colleen apostolos-marsh,

From Cathy McCarthy-

Hey Joey,

The Annual Rocky Neck Plunge will be held on Jan. 1st….2013 at 11 am..

Once again, we will be hosting a food drive for The Open Door.. ‘

Items most needed::

Tuna, 100% juice, Soups, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Breakfast Cereal , Baking Items.

They requested no glass bottles. We collected over 600 lbs last year and would love to be able to hit that mark,plus more..

We will do our traditional poem by George Sibley at 11 am. and then the plunge…

Much Thanks Joey,

Cathy McCarthy

If you haven’t Plunged before let me tell you there is no better way to start the year. Conquer some fears, step outside your “normal”, ring in the new year with friends and family and start the New Year off funky fresh on Rocky Neck.

ANYONE and I MEAN ANYONE that has done it in the past comes back to do it again because it is so uplifting and exhilarating.

Won’t you join US?!!!

Pics From Last Year Via Manny Simoes-



Will You Be Plunging? Write in your pledge to plunge in the comment of this post

Joey C-In!

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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16 Responses to Rocky Neck Plunge Countdown- 6 DAYS!!!!!! Comment and Get On the Pledge To Plunge List!

  1. Anonymous says:

    colleen apostolos-marsh

  2. I am a huge fan of Gloucester. Does that make me a FOG? Heather Smidt and Nick Zagami are down for the pledge! Thanks Ed for introducing us to GMG by way of Stone’s Pub.

  3. Rick Moore, Donna Ardizzoni, Ericka Hyam and a couple of her friends will be doig the plunge, cannot wait to do this..

  4. Rick Moore, Donna Ardizzoni, Ericka Hyam … so excited to do this again… therapy

  5. We can’t plunge unfortunately as we will be open and ready for a jammed packed day! Wish I could make it, but your all more than welcome to come for some coffee and warm coffee rolls after the plunge at Mamie’s.

  6. barry cuda says:

    I’ll be there and hope to shame someone else into jumping in with me!!

  7. Zamira says:

    I am in!! (Of course forced by the Mohan family) but it is going to be so much fun as always! :)

  8. Amandacakes says:

    Uncle Joey, I am no whimp. I have big plans for this year and am certianly doing the plunge 2013! See you ducks there…

  9. Lindle & Darlene Willnow says:

    Lindle will be doing the plunge for the second year with Darlene providing warmth and towels.

  10. Jennifer trabka says:

    Do I have to sign up somewhere to plunge??

  11. Evelyn Howe says:

    I am in!!

  12. Veteran Plungers, do you have any advice for us newbies? Things you wish you had brought with you? Best swimming costumes? Training advice?

    • Training advice? Shovel your driveway today in your tighty whities. Before finishing stuff a snowball in your shorts. You’ll be all set.

      Swimming costumes: any swimming costume for warmth, wetsuits, shorties, are subject to ridicule. Highest praise for bikinis and banana slings. Body paint is encouraged. Anyone have Rubber Duck yellow?

      • Paul, your response is exactly why I love and adore the good people of Gloucester! This Southern gal is looking forward to freezing my butt off tomorrow with all of ya’ll.

        Oh and I did my training today!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Peggy representing Pop Gallery Glosta will respectfully plunge @ Rocky Neck in lieu of plunging at L-Street bath house in Southie this year!
    Changing Polar Bear alliances for the first time, LUCKY 13 here it comes!

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