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Cape Ann SUP adventures Down In South Florida Night SUPing

Tyler Knight submits- The saga of the NightSUP from Cape Ann SUP continues down in sunny South Florida…. Tyler has taken the fleet and joined forces with a local company from Ft. Lauderdale called Precision Paddleboards and the mind-blowing tours … Continue reading

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Santa hits telephone pole, only deer legs remain

Not to worry, it’s part of the remains from my nephews’  hunting trip in Michigan.

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I wish I could fly

I wish I could fly.  That’s the title of a gorgeous Christmas song by Fly Amero & Allen Estes (Fly gets top billing — it’s not called I wish I could Allen). You can hear this song on Aurelia Nelson’s show Curtain Up on North Shore … Continue reading

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2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pearls

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every … Continue reading

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Sista Felicia Caught in the Act

 It was 9AM on Friday when Felicia Mohan, a/k/a Sista Felicia, was caught in the act of leaving Intershell Seafood with the main ingredient of her Traditional Octopus Salad.

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Sitting on Santa’s lap at Jordan Marsh Boston

This picture taken in 1958 at Jordan Marsh in Boston. Remember when Santa’s Helpers were not at every mall, oh there was no malls, you had to go to Boston to sit on his lap.

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The Sky Over Gloucester

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Sista Felicia Shows Heather Atwood How To Make The Traditional Sicilian Style Octopus Salad In This Gloucester Daily Times Video

Traditional Octopus Salad Recipe Here Sista Felicia Prepares The 2012 Polpe Salad VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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MF Pez!

Pez is like the greatest invention of all times. How you open it up and it magically dispenses a piece of candy is straight genius. Whoever designed the classic pez dispenser deserves a Pulitzer and a Nobel and a JD … Continue reading

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Beacon Marine on the Dots

E.J. Lefavour

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End of Mayan Long Count.

Last night the Mayan long count ended. Today starts a new one. Happy new long count.

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Holiday Song of the Day “Baby its Cold Outside”

The Holiday Song of the Day today is for Kathleen. Louis Armstorn and Velma Middleton improvising will make you smile and then LOL as more ad-libbing ensues! “Baby Its Cold Outside,” with words and music by Frank Loesser, premiered in … Continue reading

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Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket ~ Tonight ~ MinglewoodAtLat43 ~ 9:00 pm

  http://www.bigoldirtybucket.com/ Big Band big sound……..It’s not that often the Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket comes to town. Treat yourself to a real funkadelic kind of night. Be prepared to dance cause you wont be able to sit still.

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Stone’s Pub Burger With The Sweet Potato Fries

(ask for them extra crispy) KILLLLLAH!

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End Of The World Breakfast At Mamie’s Kitchen

Home Of The Worlds Undisputed Greatest Coffee Rolls   Misti and Larry Serving Up Glosat Joe’s Perfect Storm and Blackburn Coffee At Mamie’s Kitchen End Of The World Party Packed House! Misti Presents Me With her Hand Crafted GMG Ornament … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer from Fred Bodin

Last weekend, Fred Bodin and I were both at a great Christmas party / sing-along with a lot of other guests.  I guess I was feeling lazy, because I didn’t bring my camera.  Fred, on the contrary, was on top … Continue reading

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