High, But Not Dry

DSCF0444 Hard Merchandise in the sling at Gloucester Marine Railways. The boat, of Wicked Tuna fame, sank at its dock over the weekend and was recovered in a seven hour operation. Capt. Dave Marciano says that a major rebuild is in the offing.


  • Maybe Joey or another Gloucester fisherman can tell us what happens to a vessel that has been submerged in salt water. I imagine that all the wiring and electronics have to be removed, and the engine – hopefully can be rebuilt and salvaged. Probably much more that I don’t even know about.


  • Beautiful image and bl/wh tones Marty. Is this the X-E? I’ve been too busy to play with mine and only had the one morning with swans. Can’t wait until after the holidays for photo fun!!


    • Thanks Kim.It was taken with the x e1. I’m having a ball with the camera although I did encounter a little problem with the IS in the 18-55 lens. Apparently I wasn’t alone because Fuji came out with a firmware fix this morning. (How do those things work, anyhow)?It now works perfectly.


  • All I know is, that despite how beautiful the image, Dave has a hell of a mess on his hands. If anybody can do what needs to be done to get the rebuild done right, it’s Dave. I’m so sorry this happened to such a good, hardworking guy and his family.


  • Hi Marty, what’s the IS?


    • Image stabilization. The lens began to emit a high frequency sound when the shutter was activated, but only when IS was turned on. I spoke with a Fuji technician who said that they had a few reports of this problem but had received no guidance on how to deal with it. He called me back a little later and told me that he investigated further and learned that a firmware update would be posted on the Fuji website very soon. That happened today. It took seconds to download and install the fix. Sure beats packing up the gear and shipping it off to Fuji for repair.


      • Thank you Marty for the firmware heads up. I hadn’t noticed the high frequency sound the one day with it and would surely have had the IS turned on–you are so right about firmware updates versus sending to repair (although Fuji has an amazingly fast turn around. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful images


  • Great photo, looks like you are having fun.


  • That is a really nice pic of the boat.
    Would it be possible to get a copy suitable for framing
    I’m the owner of her


  • Dave, Glad you were shoreside when this happened. Enjoy the holidays.


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