GMG Christmas Party Fotos

The iPhone 5 can do marvelous Panoramas but when my nose is as big as Joey’s head something horrible has happened. Really, it’s that big? (Click to embiggen if you are masochistic.)panoramagonebad

Mayor Kirk explaining to Rubber Duck the newly minted Gloucester DPW Duck.dpwduck

Melissa Cox brought a platefull of cute penguins made of olives complete with a shark which was devouring them as quickly as the party participants. Rubber Duck knew when the party had jumped the shark. sharkduck

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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8 Responses to GMG Christmas Party Fotos

  1. Rich B says:

    Looks like another great time. We we could of made it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sorry I missed this great party. By the time the date was changed to Saturday I had tickets to a concert with friends that evening…

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      I put one of Melissa’s penguins in the ‘fridge. Come on down Alicia or Fr. Matthew. No jello shots that I was aware of.

  3. Alicia Cox says:

    so sad i missed this one! i wanted to try melissa’s penguins and did alicia do the cool shots?

  4. Alicia is going to break out the jello shots when we’re in back on Madfish wharf and it’s jello shot season but here is a recipe and photo to tied you over:

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      One of my jobs at the opening was to hand out the brand new Good Morning Gloucester coasters. I wanted to wade into the crowd to distribute them, but was always waylaid by sales, conversations, and facilitating the flow of food and wine. If you’d like a few official GMG coasters, stop by the gallery!

    • Or maybe we’ll see the jello shots at the 2nd annual GMG Spring Fling!

  5. Anonymous says:

    all I can say is it was awesome

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