Stabbed In The Heart


So disappointing.

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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7 Responses to Stabbed In The Heart

  1. Because it’s Don Vito Corleone’s birthday today?

  2. E.J. says:

    You know who Freddo is and presumably Freddo knows who Freddo is, but you’ve left all the rest of us wondering “what the heck is this about, who is Freddo and what did he do to our Joey to warrant this post?” Not fair.

  3. Bob Ryan says:

    A bit heavy, but, from my Theology class at St Peter’s High School ( Fuller School), We are all “Freddo”. At any time we can lapse into a situation where appearence and action can lead us into difficult choices. Think Original Sin. Leads to a damaged relationship. For me, get us through the Glory of Christmas to the forgiveness and sacrifice of Easter. For others, as their religion dictates. That said, I hope I’m not this particular “Freddo”.
    Happy Holidays and please stay safe.

  4. John McElhenny says:

    With this “Stabbed in the Heart” post and the other “You’re With Us or You’re Against Us” post, I’m detecting a clear theme. There’s only one way to get to the bottom of it.


    Why is Joey so vengeful and angry this week?

    1 – Ed gave him only four Splendas in his nonfat latte instead of five.
    2 – Cousin Frankie didn’t even notice his stylish new accessory, the Gucci man purse he bought on Newbury Street with the Mrs. the other day.
    3 – No German magazine or website has asked him to do a beefcake calendar photo spread in at least three months.



  5. Joey C says:

    you should detect a theme you rat bastard.

  6. Your trip to Miami was cancelled?

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