Anyone know what this is?

It looks like some sort of catapult.  It is very large.  I wonder about it every time I see it, and would love to know what it is and what it is used for. 

E.J. Lefavour

About E.J.

Artist, researcher, writer, spiritual traveler of this fascinating orb we inhabit, lover of life and all it has to offer. Hi everyone out there in GMG land. My name is Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour (a/k/a “Ejay Khan” – the pseudonym I used during my years as a political activist artist). I moved to Cape Ann in September of 2010, and was thrilled to be invited by Joey to become a daily contributor to Good Morning Gloucester in December of that year. I am a painter, photographer and writer who has lived and worked as an artist for 20 years, since leaving the corporate world in 1990 to pursue my passion. My contributions to GMG will consist of images (either my paintings, photographs, montages or the occasional video) and a little history about the image, called “Did you Know?” I hope to come up with tidbits of information that people don’t already know, or had forgotten they knew. As I am new here, everything is new and fascinating to me, especially the amazing history, so bear with me if I post something that is common knowledge – I’ll eventually come up with something that’s new to you. As an artist, I will also write about the incredible art scene on Cape Ann. Please take a minute to comment on my posts, like them or not, especially if you have corrections or something to add, as that is how I, and all of us, learn. Have a Good Morning Gloucester, and a blessed day.
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22 Responses to Anyone know what this is?

  1. edooleycrane says:

    EJ, I have been wondering the same thing for several years!! Thanks for posting.

  2. I believe that this is the remnants of a one time Windmill. It has been there for about 30 years that I remember.

  3. Lisa says:

    Is it a trebuchet? they are quite popular, especially for tossing pumpkins.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gourmet Gloucester is right it’s an old windmill that never worked properly.

  5. It is a big arrow pointing to where the UPS man should drop off packages! The rectangle on the left end is a package and the right end is pointing towards the back door of the house…

  6. Steve says:

    It’s pretty clear they’re planning on launching cows:

  7. cape anner says:

    It’s the base of an old wind power tower. See the rotor blades at the other end?
    It’s over by Lighthouse beach in ‘Squam.

    • E.J. says:

      You were the only one who knew where it was located. So if the rotor blades are at the bottom nearest the house, what is the platform looking thing sticking up in the air. I still don’t get it or how it could work. Was it a failed experiment?

      • cape anner says:

        The square thing is a counterweight. See how it pivots on a fulcrum?
        Some flagpoles are designed like that to make it easier to paint or fix the halyard.

  8. Very interesting, EJ, I will tell Rob about the windmill. I took closeups and still couldn’t figure it out.

  9. pholland says:

    it’s a trebuchet. a french catapult. an offensive weapon used in the middle ages. Maybe these people wanted a gigantic slingshot, cuz that’s what it is really :-)

  10. Joe McKechnie says:

    It is indeed an old windmill, the arrow is point towards the counter weight to assist in making it reasonably easy to swing the windmill into the upright position

  11. says:

    Looks like some sort of counter weight where you have the arrow for a wind propeller that is lying down towards the house. Looks like if it is rotated counter clockwise from this direction the blades would become vertical. Think of the set ups they use for pumps for farms in the midwest.

  12. I go with the trebuchet theory.

  13. Lester says:

    I know the woman who lives next door. Broken windmill is correct.

  14. edooleycrane says:

    During the summer months you can barely see this contraption with all the trees. Then falls come, the leaves drop and there it is again. Maybe they built it thinking Lighthouse Cove might get attacked one day. Anyone know WHEN it was constructed?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes, most definitely a windmill… Here’s the “other end” of the counterbalance weight to which you pointed… each blade is 12′ long, quite a structure. :)

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