Cape Ann Diner is open in Brown’s Mall!

In Brown’s Mall, there is now a new cozy restaurant, the Cape Ann Diner (7 Pleasant Street)! They are currently open 7-2PM, Monday-Saturday (closed on Sunday).

There aren’t big signs outside yet, but they sometimes have a sandwich board outside. The closest entrance/exit is the door between The Hive and the Pleasant Street Tea Co.  I came in that way, and chanced upon some friends who were enjoying a delicious lunch at the diner.

I joined them for a cup of hot cocoa (with a mound of whipped cream) – perfect on a cold early winter day.

The prices are very affordable.  A bowl of the soup of the day – my favorite item on most menus – is just $2.95!  The most expensive item I could find on the lunch menu (all good traditional American fare) is the Burger Bomb – two fresh patties, American cheese, crispy bacon, grilled pepper and onions, bbq sauce and mayo on a grilled seeded bun with lettuce and tomato with choice of potato chips, home fries, or mashed potatoes. All of that for $8.95!  That sounds so good, I am almost drooling on my keyboard.  No, they didn’t bribe me to say that.

If you go in the front door of Brown’s Mall on Main Street, you get to enjoy the decked halls as you head up one flight of stairs towards the back left.

Up the stairs, into the hall, to the right!

- Fr. Matthew Green

About Matthew Green

I am an origami artist and photographer (and teacher of both), a blogger, a freelance translator, former philosophy professor, and I love to sing. You can see my photos on Flickr and buy prints of some of them on Fine Art America. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (@mehjg), and in various and sundry other social media sites on the web.
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18 Responses to Cape Ann Diner is open in Brown’s Mall!

  1. I had no idea Brown’s Mall existed.

  2. Sarah says:

    Now this place I might have to try! I’m like almost within walking distance too. Thank you for this update :)

  3. Joey C says:

    Great work FG. I’ve been meaning to get there but thankfully you’re on the scene!

  4. cammygrammy says:

    Thanks for the glimpse inside the mall. I have to admit I haven’t been inside the building since it was Brown’s Department store. I’m intrigued to venture forth and have a look. The vacuum tubes that whisked the money away to the office are probably gone, right? Ha ha

  5. cammygrammy says:

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse inside the building. I must admit I haven’t been inside since it was Brown’s department store. I guess the vacuum tubes that whisked theory away to the office are gone, right? Ha ha

  6. Jenn Cullen says:

    Thanks much, I would have never known about this new place, will definitely check it out!

  7. Susan canning says:

    I wish them luck. Can’t wait to try it.

  8. Gail Green says:

    Will you take us there next time we visit? Yum!!!

  9. DebNy says:

    I will head there tomorrow for lunch! Thanks F.G. Always looking for new taste sensations!

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  11. Deb says:

    That’s right where there was a coffee shop/lunch place for years! It left while the place was being renovated. They used to serve the only burgers on the street! I have definitely been on Main Street too long if I am the only one who remembers that AND the vac tubes! We used to go downstairs in Brown’s to get our MightyMac coats for the winter, too. I’ll be by to get a burger, if not the full burger bomb, soon!

  12. Kitty says:

    is the diner handicap accessible if you go through the Pleasant Street entrance? My father would love to try this place.
    I used to love going to Brown’s when I was a kid…the vacuum tubes were always so cool! I also loved the old wood and glass display cases. :)

  13. Years ago it was the Savory Skillet for a long time, they went out and in came Gloria’s, serving real Spanish food. Unfortunately, she didn’t last long there. I wish the Cape Ann Diner the best of luck.

  14. I had no idea this was right next door. Knowing the price-range and the door to use will help me break my regular lunch habits and mosey on over. Perhaps this week? This is reporting at its finest, good work as always.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am from dracut ma. Where Ron had a diner up until last fall. You people do not know how lucky you are to have him down there, you better keep him close because me and half of dracut are going to try and steal him back. Ed

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