A less rough cut of the Duck Sister’s Rocket Propelled Tour of Cape Ann

I am posting this outside my normal posting schedule because of the unfortunate accidents occurring upon viewing the previous rough cut of this time lapse video.  Several keyboards have been damaged and Ejay’s birthday cake has spoiled some new birthday shoes. This remake is after Rubber Duck read the directions. Much higher resolution since I am not rendering a 4:3 format to 16:9 format. The rubber ducks are much clearer. I also slowed it down by half so one does not have to wear a seat belt or snort an expresso to keep up. The music is also more Rubber Duck twin sister genre.

Rubber Duck has got the time lapse bug now and she has already designed some RDBM for quick mounting. (Rubber Duck Butt Magnets complete with felt padding.)

How about a map? 

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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13 Responses to A less rough cut of the Duck Sister’s Rocket Propelled Tour of Cape Ann

  1. Feedback from my lab: They think that the first version is less nauseating because they do not know the road whereas a Cape Anner (me) finds the slowed down version less nauseating because I can tell where I am. Anyone blown lunch viewing the second version?

  2. Ann Kennedy says:

    Enjoyed both and didn’t lose lunch either time. Looking forward to the slow and slower versions!

  3. Fredrik Bodin says:

    I liked the second version better, because I could pick up more clues as to location.

  4. Karen says:

    I liked the music on the first one better. I liked the length of the first one better and actually enjoyed the first one. It was fun trying to see where you were. The second one was a little too long. I think a slower one (like the second one) that was about 3.5 minutes would be ideal. I really liked watching both!

    • I agree. The things I am going to change for my next one:
      1) Keep it under 3.5 minutes.
      2) Slow it down like the second one.
      3) Stop at places for longer and let the world go by. I thought the best parts were homie eating, the man at the wheel, the bird lady, me jumping out to check the water temp, but I only waited for a half minute which was only 15 frames and equated to a second or two.

      I’m going to attach the ducks to a board so I can walk around during the morning of Black Friday in the West End. That way I can sit them down to shoot the street while I go in shopping. Or attach them to a shopping cart. The opportunities to look stupid are endless.

  5. Keityh says:

    What is the music on the second version? Love it!

  6. Christine "Duck" Witham says:

    We ducks love to travel, so please make more of these videos! I hope that the siblings will come to Magnolia for a visit/seaside stroll on their next outing. PS: ‘Liked first musical selection better and had no problem w/motion-sickness with either version (what decent migratory bird would??).

  7. E.J. says:

    Ditto what Karen said. I liked the 2nd version because you could clearly see the girls and where you were, but the first one created an interesting challenge for the eyes and mind to keep up and identify what you were seeing as it flashed by at an insane fractured pace. I liked the first music better too. You’ve given a new meaning to duck tours.

  8. Linda Colman says:

    No vertigo this morning and my coffee stayed down. I was going to advise you not to tell the people in the lab about RD’s sister coming for a visit, but it’s obviously too late for that. Thanks for the ride.

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