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Note To Sandwich Makers Everywhere (Rant)

If you go and pile all the meat in the middle of the sandwich so you can cut it in half and make it look like you use all that large amount of meat throughout the sandwich but leave the … Continue reading

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Powder Puff Part III (David B. Cox Photos)

Click below for Slide Show and More Photos: Powder Puff Part III VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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Jason Miller Represents! At The Great Wall Of China

Hey Joey, I wore my GMG tee on the trip to the Great Wall today.  It was too cold for more pics in a tee shirt, notice the snow.  Jason Miller Awesomeness!!!!

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Reaching For The Sky

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Rough Cut Rubber Duck Rocket Tour of Cape Ann

[Rubber Duck edit] We are inserting a more sedate video since the incidence of nausea and sea sickness is reaching epic proportions. Watch the second video at your own risk. Rubber Duck’s sister came for a visit. So RD drank … Continue reading

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Painted Annisquam River

Coming home on November 13, 2012 the colors at sunset.

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Thank you!

Just look at all these beautiful people, and how much fun we share. E.J. Lefavour

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Another Artist’s View of Annisquam Light

After I posted this photo of Annisquam Light, I received an email from Tony Marolda of Annisquam with this photo of a painting he had done of almost the exact same perspective, but his was a summer view.  Check out … Continue reading

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Investigating Tripods

This morning while filming at Good Harbor I was reminded once again that I need to upgrade my tripod (for myriad reasons). The first problem is that wildlife, especially ducks and geese, are fearful of my tripod’s shiny black metal … Continue reading

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Caption This Photo

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Cape Ann from a Boeing 737

I was in San Francisco for 24 hours last week and had one hour free time so they took me to Chaat Cafe, an Indian Restaurant on 3rd and Folsom next to the Mosconi Center. Highly recommend if you are … Continue reading

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Tacos Lupitas for Saturday Lunch, Good idea RD!

I recommend the Enchiladas Lupitas Special.  That’s what I had last Saturday. Haven’t had anything here I would not recommend. Has anyone had the tongue in a taco or enchilada? Haven’t pulled the trigger on that one, yet. [editors note] … Continue reading

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The photo no one else got at the opening of Savour…

… was the first purchase!  They had a slight delay in opening the point of sale due to technical difficulties, and that gave me time to be the first one in line to buy something on opening night: I got … Continue reading

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“The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Makes A Jumbo Jet Look Tiny What a cute wittle double decker plane!”

From Fast Company- Pictures from Siemens Manufacturing mold of a 250 single piece  fiberglass construction turbine blade. Click the pic for the slide show and details at Fast Company.com- Thanks Craig Kimberley for forwarding the link- Also Video- What’s inside … Continue reading

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Community Photos 11/18/12

Good Harbor Beach From Neice Amandacakes! Good Harbor Beach in November, Gloucester MA From Elinor Teele View more photos of Gloucester at squamcreativeservices.com/photography/photography-gallery/

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Happy Birthday FOB Joey Ciolino!

Here’s Joey Ciolino and his friend Taylor Sousa  getting ready to leave for the semi formal. Joey will be turns 18 today Sunday Nov 18th

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Happy Birthday EJ! You Light Up All Our Lives With Your Positive Spirit!

We have a bunch of positive minded, kind, creative folks that are part of our little GMG community.  Perhaps no one among us embodies what it is to be a GMG’er more than our friend EJ. GMG Contributor’s EJ Pictures- … Continue reading

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