A Question For The GMG FOB’s That Tune In To GMG Daily- What Brings You Back?

If you are a GMG FOB from outside of Cape Ann before you go any further please comment below the post where it says “comment” as to what brings you back daily to the blog.

This morning when I got the email from Sem Sutter who is an avid reader of GMG daily and works down in Georgetown I began to wonder what it is about GMG that brings people from outside our geographic location back over and over and has them subscribing to GMG and requesting Bumper stickers and participating in our comment sections.

I am honored that our team here has developed such a huge following all over the country and in often cases all over the world and obviously when you are pulling down 50-60,000 visitors a day in a city that has roughly 30,000 citizens there are folks from other places that are checking this thing we’ve created out. 

GMG is obviously a hyperlocal blog which mainly focuses on Cape Ann but when you look at the map of where the hits come from, our readership is global. 

The current GMG hits map when I’m writing this at 6:07AM 11/4/12


You can access the current GMG hits map here

So I am curious as to what it is about GMG that brings you back if you’re not from here.

Did you visit one time and have fond memories?  Do you dream of moving here?  Is it the photographs?  Is it the humor and camaraderie of the GMG family?  Is it the GMG breaking news which 9 times out of 10 you will find here first? 

What is it that compels you to make GMG a daily or hourly visit?

Thank you so much for being part of our GMG community from afar and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what it is that brings you back.  If you don’t see the words comment directly below this post click on the title of the post and you should see it then.

I’m anxious to find out what drives you back here, thanks again,



  • Spend 3-4 months a year in Gloucester the rest of the year in Florida. Lived in Gloucester for over 30 years, you give me more news than the GDT. Great work..

  • Up until 4 days ago, I was one of the “outside Cape Ann” folks. So I’ll throw in my 2 pence. I kept coming back because we were considering moving here and GMG gave me a view of the community apart from the normal tourist focused travel blogs. I kept reading it and thinking “Man I want to live there.” So now, I do. :)

  • 1. On-going coverage of local happenings, the arts, etc.
    2. The photography and anecdotes provided by the regular GMG team contributors!
    3. The diversity of perspectives on local, national and global issues through comments and narrative contributions from the community.
    4. The fishing industry and the lore of a working seaport.
    5. The spirit of community which comes through loud and clear
    6. The hourly additions of content
    7. The coverage of local school activities
    8. The thread of “family” that runs through each day’s posts
    9. The willingness of locals to share their knowledge, history, culture, etc.
    10. The knowledge that something of interest and/or value to me will be on the blog every single day without fail.

    Easy question.

  • i am originally from a new england working harbor and will be moving back to the gloucester area sometime within the next year or so.

  • Our home’s in Gloucester, but we are currently based in Asia. GMG keeps us in touch with what’s going on in town and makes us long to be back there permanently! Can’t wait to come home.

  • Bill & Betty Zeller

    Betty and I have been comming upto Gloucester for 50 years this past summer. We have stayed at the Mooreland for a number of years and then rented the house next to Elks club for a number of yeaers.We now stay at the Atlantis. All those people are the best. We love sitting on the balconey and watching all the fishing boats. We have spent a lot of our time at Good Harbor beach.Our 3 daughters all in there early 50′ now spend time with our 6 grandchildred.Two are married and come with there wife and husband. The area is great and very relazing.The resturants are great. The people are great.I would like to get a GMG Gloucester Sticker. I was going to get one this summer and went home without it. When we come up next summer I want to get a t shirt if you will still have them.We went to Florida a few winters but our favorit vacation is all along the Bass Rocks shore. We just love the place. That is why we have been comming each year . Now I like the updates on the wind machine. Thats it in a nut shell . Betty and Bill Zeller. Poughkeepsie , New York

  • I live in Vancouver, WA. I subscribe to the blog so I can stay informed about my beautiful home town.

  • I moved to Rockport in 1939 when I was 7. I went through grade school and graduated from RHS in 1949. Went into the military in 1950, attended Schillinger School of Music (later Berklee the year after Quincy Jones. Knew and worked with Herb Pomeroy and the Gloucester Legion and Rockport Legion bands, played taps at the Memorial Day festivities at the cut bridge in the 40s, and became a professional musician and later a corporate gypsy traveling the world for nearly 40 years. (VP sales & marketing of Pioneer Electronics late 70s early 80s, etc.) Having done all that, I have never found anywhere on earth as beautiful and as homey as Cape Ann. I now live in Jacksonville, FL and even at 81 I still get a little home-sick for Rockport and of course Gloucester. Fortunately, I still have friends who live there, like Nick Barletta, Peggy Speck, Tony Torrisi all of Rockport, and have lost touch with my Gloucester friends. So, if you are living there, you know you are in the place where families live a Norman Rockwell life.

  • I was born and raised in Gloucester. I moved to Delaware in 1979 and visit glou. about twice a year. I like to keep up with what’s happening around town, but most of all I miss the ocean and the boats. I enjoy the pictures of the water and the boats, it makes me feel connected with my roots. I look so forward to GMG each and every day. AND, I remember Joey’s Mom and Dad while I was growing up. I also appreciate all the hard work Joey and all the contributors do for Glou. and all us readers. GREAT JOB GUYS !

  • Elisabeth KENNEDY Laugesen "Lee"

    Greetings from Colorado: I adore keeping up with the information around Cape Ann. I grew up in Annisquam during the summers and am still part owner with my 2 brothers and sister, Cynthia Kennedy Sam of my parents home on Adams Hill Road. The pictures of the ocean and all the boats/ships are so refreshing for me in a land locked state. Thank you for all the information that you post. You even printed the picture of Cynthia and your sticker at the Denver Broncos game!!

  • I grew up in Gloucester and spent the first 31 years of my life there. Now I am a desert rat, but I still miss the beauty of the island. My favorite parts of the blog are the pictures and videos. Your work brings back fond memories to me.

  • GREETINGS From the Old Reeler from East Gloucester;

    Graduated from GHS in 1947 and went in the USAF and came home to marry my dear Sally in ’52. Retired from the Air Force in 1970 and settled down in the Mid-west. Our kids are spread from
    Florida to Up-state NY to Milwaukee,to Minnesota. By the way Wife, Sally. is a daughter of Tony Frontiera, the cook on your Grandpa’s boat that was sunk by the Sub.!! I use GMG to keep informed of what is current in Glosta and my family can use it to understand their heratige. So keep up the good work. I can help with history of East Gloucester and the Point from 1930-1947. And I did Reel for Phyliss A, agnes and Myrnie,the Vincie, Austin W. ,Enterprise, Niaome Bruce ,and the Bruce the Third. Health problems keep us getting home to visit. the Sisters and Brothers we have left. So your GMG is a Life Link!! Keep up the great work. Gene K.

  • Where else can you find stinky whales, greasy poles, and salty dogs all in one site

  • It all comes down to ‘Gloucester’. The magical ‘sense of place’ that is like none other. Nowhere else on earth can one’s heart & soul find what is found there. Thanks to GMG, we all are embraced by it each & every day. Thank you!

  • GMG is a prime example of the power the people have using the the web. Here is a vibrant, talented bunch communicating to the world the pictures and stories of a place they love.
    The main stream media has lost touch with community and content in there ever increasing corporate dullness, a blog like GMG is what people long for.

  • Altough I was born and raised in Gloucester I moved away many years ago. Still like to visit occasionally, we don’t live far away. I enjoy the historic photos and articles, news of the fishing industry and photos and timely news of Gloucester happenings.
    You and your team do a great jo.!! Keep up the good work.
    Reggie Santos

  • Greetings! I don’t even know why I like the blog…I just kinda do. It’s probably just cause its better then the GDT and there’s more pictures. And the fact that Joey has no problem expressing his views in whatever way he chooses…but kid you not the food pics are my favorite part. Man do I like seeing those it makes me cream my pants everytime. Mmmm.

  • As a contributor, gaining a deeper understanding of why folks read GMG is very interesting to read and to know. Thanks Chief for thinking to ask this question and thank you to all the readers who have taken the time to write your thoughtful comments.

  • Also I feel as Kim does and would like to thank the readers and their thoughts and comments. Being a contributor is fun and interesting and we get an opportunity to meet great people and talk to others through the blog.

  • I lived in Gloucester for 65 years and I am now retired in “Florida”- I go on GMG every single a.m. to see the beautiful photo’s of the Island- community news, etc. Sometimes I think I can smell the “salty air”. I hope to be able to “re-retire” in my “home town Glosta” soon. Thanks for all great photo’s….of home.

  • I loved Gloucester long before there was a Good Morning Gloucester. But this blog keeps “bringing it home”! My father grew up in Gloucester, so we have visited many times, never enough though. I have always had a sense of “home” when I’m in Gloucester and GMG brings that feeling everyday. The photos are spectacular, and probably my favorite thing – everything from food to nuts(beautiful industry). But the local news and happenings are great too. Thank you to all who contribute. We are all so lucky to have this site to visit everyday!
    Paula O’Brien
    From Walton, NY

  • Ohhh it’s time for silly questions?! jk – for me (and my newlywed wife, Kimberly), because Gloucester (and Cape Ann) is incredible – people, history, community, location – and we LOVE it. And you, Joey C, are a rock star and your GMG blog is indeed a daily slam-dunk. Would not miss it if even for 5 mins/day…

    Like Ann Kennedy above says “an easy question” :)

  • Many of the above comments. We spend a week or so annually on Cape Ann, now mostly on Bearskin Neck. Love the photos and the news of the day.

  • Greetings from Charleston, SC. I was stationed in Gloucester in the USCG for three years 1985-1988 and had a great time as a young man on Cape Ann. I came across the blog “googling” Gloucester several years ago. My family and I still visit on occasion and hope to run into ya’ll one of these days. I enjoy the photos and the sense of the vibrant community you have. I’ve got a sticka on the truck and people ask me about it fairly often. Keep up the good work, I certainly enjoy checking in.

  • Feeling like you get to know Glostah in a different way- like it’s your home even if you don’t live there. Love the ‘inside’ scoop and when I come up, I feel like I belong. Sense of family is awesome. LOVE the blog!

  • I have a make-believe parallel universe fantasy life in Gloucester where Paul Morrison and RD follow me around all day cracking jokes. I keep thinking it may become my real home some day……. if there are any picture framing shops left, I may even be able to find meaningful work.

  • Great daily info,stories, activities,discussions, awesome Gloucester photos.GMG is a fantastic community builder that celebrates this special place and adds to the great sense of community we have on cape Ann. And when we go south in winter and travel, Gloucester is always with us.
    Thank you so much Joey ,your team and all the contributors to the blog. And we love trying sista Felicias recipes! yummy!

  • I have visited Gloucester several times over the past 15 years and fell in love with it. After my trip in 2011, I stumbled upon your website and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy your comments, Joey; you tell it like it is whether it is traveling overseas or local. The photos of the area are breathtaking, and I especially enjoy Father Matthew’s photos. GMG for me is right up there to having my coffee every morning! Keep up the good work.

  • I grew up in Gloucester but have not lived there since 1963 (full time) & a short time in 1969. We visited in early October but were never able to find anyone at home in the gallery. It was interesting to be a tourist in my hometown, a very different perspective. It’s good to see all the changes through your blog, & all that remains the same. Keep up the good work. When I get a minute I’ll send somo photos from the wale watch we went on while we were there.

  • I live in Gloucester so I’m not the audience you were asking but I read GMG for two reasons: the community and the authenticity. The fact that you’re asking this question and all the polls you do are perfect examples: GMG is more than just a news source. It’s a community. A bunch of really interesting people talking about the most interesting parts of their lives that day, like the bright green sea horse they just found on the beach or the amazing dessert with a Sicilian name I can’t pronounce that they just made that afternoon. Every time I visit is like going into a coffee shop where there are a bunch of people I know talking about interesting things. And I’m welcome to join if I want. Also the authenticity — GMG is real people filming the butterflies in their backyard or photographing the beautiful fishing industry in which they work. Authentic and real. Just like Gloucester. And tens of thousands of people every day get to enjoy it because some lobster broker dude who works 340 days a year, 14 hours a day, decided he hadn’t contributed enough so he set up this blog for free so the rest of us can become part of this Community of Awesome we call GoodMorningGloucester.

  • I was born at AGH and grew up in Gloucester. I met my husband at GHS and we moved away when he joined the navy. I like to keep up with what’s happening in Gloucester and I LOVE the photos! I read GMG each and every day, it makes me feel connected with my roots.
    My mother comes from a long line of old Gloucester families, all the way back to the settling of Wheelers point. My great great grandfather, Percy Wheeler, was the mayor of Gloucester in 1921-22. We come home every summer for a visit and GMG does a great job of filling the void between visits (although it tends to make me homesick!). Keep up the great work. I love this blog!

  • What a great thread. As a reporter for GMG, Rubber Duck and I feel honored to contribute to GMG and if one of our posts helps a Cape Tragabigzandaran who has not made it back in a while connect with this island, that just warms the rubbery cockles of Rubber Duck’s heart. When Joey got sick of me posting snarky comments and offered me the job as contributor it was the smartest decision I made in 25 years. (Silver wedding anniversary coming up Christmas Eve I think. Got the date right just not sure about the number. Any silvery anniversary gift suggestions welcome.)

  • Very nice check in with FOB’s and opportunity for readers to express their love for this amazing place and blog. As a reader and contributor, I can’t imagine Gloucester without GMG.

  • Two years ago, my husband and I spent the winter in Gloucester. We were in between selling and buying houses in Middlesex County, and needed a place to land in the interim. We rented a great house on Brier Neck and fell in love with the area and the community. When we were ready to settle into our new house in the Spring of 2011 I literally cried all the way back to my “real life.”

    I continue to read GMG to stay in touch with what’s happening on Cape Ann. We like to come back to shop, eat, listen to music, visit galleries and the museum . . . did I mention breakfast at Passports?

    When we lived in Gloucester, GDT and GMG provided us with a basis to develop a connection to the community, albeit in different ways. GMG is a fabulous blog, providing a deep view into a slice of Gloucester life. Joey has created something quite special and we are all lucky to be the beneficiaries of his good work.

    We haven’t ruled out retiring on Cape Ann, in the meantime, GMG lets us know when there’s something going on that I shouldn’t miss. Thanks for asking!

  • My Husband I have been visiting Gloucester for close to 25 years. When we get off of 128 onto essex Ave in Gloucester I always feel like I’ve come home. The atmosphere is always relaxing no matter what time of year we visit. We will be back in January for Winter birding! We sport a GMG sticker on our vehicle. Thanks for all of the great photos.

  • Gloucester is my home even though I now live in Arizona. I love both places – I see Arizona every day from my deck; I see Gloucester every day on GMG. I see people I know on GMG, I see the waterfront and Main Street and Joan of Arc. The photography is incredible and I AM THERE. Here’s a confession: I copy/paste lots of the event posters because they’re so Cape Ann. All I have to do is click on my Posters folder to be at the Cape Ann Historical Museum open house, or one of the art exhibits, or be at a pub with great food and music. And I have Homie’s picture on my fridge so I can see him every day. I also have Friends of Homie right outside on the phone line – pigeons. So why do I check in to GMG every day – or more? Because when I do, I’m home again.

  • Sounds like the FOBs should be known as FLOBs–Friends and Lovers of the Blog! Great fun reading the comments!

  • What a great thread.
    We’ve been here only 2 1/2 years and I can’t believe what a significant part of my life GMG has become. Roaming around looking for photo subjects is the best part of my day and reading and looking at all of the posts is an inspiration and source of energy and enjoyment. Hanging out with Joey and the other contributors is a privilege. I feel that I am part of something important, something beyond the usual, and something of lasting value to me and all our readers.
    GMG has given me a home within my home, a place I always want to return to, a place of comfort and common goals.

    Thanks Joey, thanks fellow contributors and thanks Gloucester.

  • Thanks for giving us local writers and photographers a voice, Joey. It’s been a pleasure sharing photographs of this dynamic place we all live in.

  • I was in the Coast Guard in 1949 and 1950 at Rockp0rt and Glouster lifeboat stasaions. I like to see the changes that have been made.

  • Marcia Moran Janes

    It makes my day to visit Cape Ann through GMG — to connect with deep roots, forever friends,
    amazing photos of familiar scenes, interesting & friendly contributors with the spirit of good neighbors & community commitment. People make the place. I’ve lived in OZ (KS), but there is still no place like home in Gloucester. Thank you & carry on…

  • Profound, thoughtful answers by people who clearly feel Gloucester’s ineffable magic that we contributors attempt to convey with our words, photos and videos every day. Thanks, Joey, for inviting us to become part of the GMG community. It is truly an honor.

  • Grew up there, GMG makes me feel connected…..still have family there and try and make it back for some events…..always something interesting going on and you have such a fun way of reporting on all of IT….keep up the good work

  • I found a book in the library in Duncan, Oklahoma a couple of years ago about a knitting group in Cape Ann. I did a search for the author and found the interview with her for GMG and listened. I signed up for the blog and have been reading it most everyday. It just looks like such a nice place to live. I hope to come there sometime. I love the pictures and all the fun things that seem to go on there all the time. You make it look like anyone from any place could move right in and be a part of the commuinty.

  • Gloucester is in my heart and mind each and every day. It’s where I was born, it’s in my blood, and it is where I feel at home and at peace. Always knew many generations on both sides were born and lived in Gloucester, and it was only recently that I documented my ancestry and found I am a direct descendant of five of the first settlers and am an 8th generation Glosta native. This explains a lot to me, why my passion is and always has been about the sea – and the sky – and Gloucester. It is a magic place, always has been, and like-minded are drawn to it. And GMG becomes the focal point in our online, collective appreciation. I look forward to when I will reside there again. GMG brings me home every day. And I thank you.

  • Well I keep returning in the hopes you will identify the folks in the pictures. I really enjoy Father Green’s posts and photos the most. He is an excellent photographer and has a great eye for the part of Gloucester I knew and still love.
    And, every once in awhile you include a video interview with my brother! I am very proud of him and the contribution he has made to your community. It’s good that you recognize that too.
    The GDT on line is mostly useless – so GMG is a good catch up.

  • o – and the coverage of the Varian Turbine was/is outstanding…

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