Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Viewer discretion is advised

Bird vs. Wind Turbine

It looks like the bird is playing with the blades of the Turbine. BUT THEN!

I could only watch it once. I pity the Sea Gulls. They’re not as smart as a Hawk or Eagle.

About Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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7 Responses to Viewer Discretion is Advised.

  1. artb says:

    These are “dark” as well:

  2. artb says:

    Someone in my office ID’d the victim as a turkey vulture, but I don’t know for sure.

    • Wendy Morgan says:

      looked like some sort of vulture-certainly not a seagull

    • Bob Burns says:

      Definitely a turkey vulture. He circled it a number of times then committed suicide. I’m not fond of the turkey vultures, but I hate to see one die to support those opposed to wind power!

  3. E.J. says:

    Looked like a turkey vulture, not that his demise is any less sad than any other bird.

  4. We have Turkey vultures flying above Sunset rock on Poles hill. They Soar just like Hawks. any loss of birds makes me sad. Hopefully the Birds and Gulls will avoid the Turbine.

  5. jose smoothtrax says:

    The blade of a wind turbine in Searsburg, VT hit the tower and the nacelle fell to the ground.
    No one hurt since it’s on a mountain top.

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