Just Two Minutes Late!

About Marty Luster

I'm Marty Luster, a retired attorney and politician. In 2010 my wife, mother-in-law, dog and I relocated from Central NY to Gloucester. I hope my photographs and poetry(?) reflect my love for this place and her people. My picture-poem posts can be seen at http://matchedpairs.wordpress.com and selected black and white images can be found at http://slicesoflifeimages.wordpress.com
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12 Responses to Just Two Minutes Late!

  1. Body language in this photo tells it all. The guy in the shiny (and probably pricey) car is pleading his case. The Parking Officer is patiently listening, but won’t back down unless his reason for the violation is reasonable. Once they start writing the ticket, your chances of getting out of it decrease. I’ve had people park air cars IN my driveway, and say: “I was only there for a couple of minutes!” My reply: “Would it bother you to come home from work and find my car parked in YOUR driveway?” Nice work Marty. I think the Parking Enforcement Officers are doing an excellent job, and know when to be fair, especially concerning delivery trucks and merchants loading or unloading their cars.

  2. Charlene Carrier says:

    You go,Deb!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Marty – were you looking for me and got my friend Deb? You can catch me doing the same thing tomorrow…

  4. unmowed says:

    Someone said “A patriot is the person who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.”

  5. I guess I’m kind of a Patriot when I say to people in front of my gallery, who ask about parking, and may get a ticket and don’t care: “Great! The City needs the money!” They’re patriots too, if they get tagged.

  6. John Wheeler says:

    Double parked?? Your blocking in the car that possibly payed for their spot. Oh I see, your not in your own way.

  7. just pay the fine! you “f”ed” up.

  8. Jackie Lovasco says:

    It looks like enuf said…Some people can’t be wrong… Tuff job I ‘d say .. Deb is doing her job..

  9. litterlady says:

    that was me the other day, but I actually patted her on the back and flew by her as she was giving me a ticket, came out of the store with sandwich in hand and she was putting the ticket on my car, oh well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What the hell is she driving?

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