First Picture- Wind Turbines En Route To Gloucester

· See attached pictures of the wind turbine components being loaded yesterday in Wismar, Germany.
· The boat left the harbor yesterday and is off to Belgium for a one day stop to load more cargo on it’s way to the US.
· The vessel is due in Boston on Monday 10/8.
· It will be off loaded onto a barge and the barge is due at Cruiseport Gloucester on Monday 10/15.  Then transported to the site (Varian) that week.
· The crane will begin to be erected next Wednesday 10/3.  There will be ~60 truckloads of components for the crane.
· The tower base is scheduled to be installed on 10/19.
· Full erection activities begin on 10/22.
· Grid interconnection “witness” testing is scheduled for 11/19.


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11 Responses to First Picture- Wind Turbines En Route To Gloucester

  1. Wow! Although I did a double-take, I thought that was the Hinckley Yachts logo…

  2. Anonymous says:

    October 22 should be very interesting…”Full erection activities begin”

  3. Liz says:

    holy guacamole! gigantic would be an understatement!

  4. charlene carrier says:


    • That’s an interesting document, thanks for posting the link for us to read. Some of the data, however, dates from studies done in 2003. Such as the information about whether or not property values are affected by a utility scale wind installation (although since this particular installation is composed of just two turbines in an area with strong demand for housing, property values probably won’t be adversely affected). But my point is, some of the data is either old or pulled wholesale from the American Wind Energy Association, a massive pro-Big Wind lobbying organization who never encountered a giant turbine they didn’t love.

  5. Is that the tower, or a blade?

  6. Tracy says:

    the total height is 100 meters and each blade is 50 meters long!

  7. John Wheeler says:

    I believe that the gray box on the right, is a 20 foot long, 8 foot wide, 9 foot high, shipping container.
    It puts the size of that blade into prospective.

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