Tracking the Ardelle

Len Burgess writes-

As of Tuesday night the Ardelle was at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay and are planning to take the Intercoastal. The new site to track the Ardelle that seems to work is Once there enter Ardelle in the ship search box and hit enter.

-Len Burgess


This is the probable route for the Ardelle and crew to get to Washington.
-Len Burgess


Update from Al-

0530 9/26 wind SSW 18-21 kt and Ardelle is still making slow progress beating toward Cape May. Been a long night out there with the wind right on their nose If they go up the Delaware they’ll be having a nice ride once they get around Cape May and the tide starts flooding. Delaware Bay entrance will be rockn’ and rollin’ at the ebb with this breeze. The flood begins just before 2 PM.

If they reach Cape May entrance at the start of the flood they will be in tall clover for they will have fair current for over 50 miles to the C&D and thence fair current just starting and all the way through the canal and well down into the Chesapeake. Then fair wind down the bay to the Potomac.

Al Bezanson


As of Wednesday morning the Ardelle is still at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay. It is reported that the engine is down and needs a new part.

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9 Responses to Tracking the Ardelle

  1. Kathy Slifer says:

    Great info !

  2. schooner39 says:

    0730 9/27 Ardelle sped up the Delaware with a fair breeze on the afternoon flood yesterday and picked up a mooring or anchored during the night at Reedy Point just south of the entrance to the C & D Canal. At this moment she is not transmitting an AIS position. The current turns west in the canal around 10 AM and if she is underway then she will have a fast transit to the Chesapeake and on down to around Poole’s Island, thence fair winds and not much current to deal with all the way to the Potomac. Let’s hope all is well with her trusty iron jib for the rest of the trip to Foggy Bottom.

    Al Bezanson

  3. schooner39 says:

    1345 9/27 — Ardelle has emerged from stealth mode and has just passed Turkey Point at the mouth of the Elk River. The run they just made from Chesapeake City to there features beautiful wooded shores and smooth water, which the crew is doubtless enjoying immensely. They have about 90 miles to go in the Chesapeake, thence 96 miles from where they will turn into the Potomac at Point Lookout.

    Al Bezanson

  4. sue pierce says:

    thanks so much for posting these updates and the cool marine map – I just had my first ride on the Ardelle last Sat., and heard about the trip to DC – happy to be able to follow their progress – fair winds to you all !
    Sue Pierce

  5. schooner39 says:

    0750 9/28 —-Last night Ardelle tucked into the Magothy River just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Annapolis and the crew likely spent a comfortable night at anchor. They have just gotten underway and are now about 65 miles north of the Potomac. The wind forecast is SSW 8-10 kt becoming WSW.

    Al Bezanson

  6. schooner39 says:

    0910 9/28 —- Adelle and Pride of Baltimore II are passing one another close by at this moment. This from the AIS but i can picture them, and it’s a fine sight I’ll tell you.

    Al Bezanson.

  7. schooner39 says:

    1730 9/28 — Nasty night on the Chesapeake but Ardelle is on a secure private dock in Solomons, MD, courtesy of a fellow schooner owner.

    Al Bezanson

  8. schooner39 says:

    0900 9/29 — At the moment Ardelle is right off Cedar Point at the Naval Air Test Center in a strategic position for an air show. They are reaching down the bay on the the ebb at 7.2 kt with 16 miles to go to Point Lookout where they will turn north into the Potomac.

    Al Bezanson

  9. schooner39 says:

    1230 9/29 — Ardelle is making 4.9 kt stemming the wind and current in the Potomac now. Here is the weather buoy just ahead at Piney Point and the forecast in that area.

    Lucky for them the NW wind is light, for when it blows hard from that quarter the lower Potomac flushes into the Chesapeake in such a way that upriver progress becomes very challenging to say the least.

    If they did not get an air show from the navy back at Cedar Point they at least got a flyover of pelicans I would think. It’s nice to get your latitude verified in that way when you worked so hard to reduce it, as they did earlier off South Jersey.

    Al Bezanson

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