Burnhams Field Community Gardens

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, the gardens were getting ready for the winter. These gardens are really wonderful.  Well tended and taken care of.

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About Donna Ardizzoni

Business Manager, Grandmother, love living in Gloucester, love to swim, walk and of course take pictures. Our company does computer networking, Office Management, Medical Billing, transcription, networking software updates and virus protection
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11 Responses to Burnhams Field Community Gardens

  1. The tomatoes look very happy! What a great job the community has done to enhance Burnham’s Field, and take back a formerly neglected and derelict park. Nice coverage Donna.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Thank you Donna and John M for sharing your updates on the Burnham Field community gardens. Love it!!

  3. Gina Briguglio says:

    Thanks for coming out Donna!

  4. John McElhenny says:

    Donna didn’t mention in her write-up of these great photos that she joined right in with us gardeners, raking, pulling weeds and picking up litter (like she did yesterday at Eastern Point Lighthouse and on a regular basis all over our city). Thanks, Donna!

  5. Bob Ryan says:

    Congratulations to the Burnham’s Field Garden group on being a named part of the resaon the city has availability to a recent grant as reported by the Times today.

  6. Melanie.Landis says:

    Hey! I am writing a paper on Burnham Field for a class that I am taking at Gordon College. I was wondering if anybody had any input about the community gardens? What are some advantages or disadvantages that people in Gloucester see with these community gardens, if any? I would really appreciate any response, as I am very interested in seeing the positive changes that Burnham Field will have on Gloucester.

    • Hi Melanie: Thank you for interest in Burnham Field. You should call Melissa Cox, mcoxward2@gmail.com.
      She is a councilor woman in the ward that Burnham Field is. She also has a garden there as well. If you need more info please feel free to contact me. I will email her as well. thank you again

      • Melanie.Landis says:

        Hey Donna,
        I did contact Melissa but am still awaiting a response.
        Could I email you a few questions that I have or possibly give you a call?
        Let me know what works best for you! Thanks Melanie

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