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3rd Annual West Parish Harvest Day a Tremendous Success

Lara Lepionka submits- What a tremendous success! I want to thank everyone for making West Parish’s Third Annual Harvest Day such a great experience for the kids. 19 classrooms visited the garden and every child had the opportunity to harvest … Continue reading

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September Block Party Fun (David B. Cox Photos)

Click slide show below for more photos: September Block Party VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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Northern Gannets 40 Miles NNE of Annisquam

Joey – we got quite a show from a group of Northern Gannets yesterday about 40 miles NNE of Annisquam.  Pretty spectacular with their 6 ft wingspreads, zooming low right over us.  Around the same time we had Monarch butterflies … Continue reading

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Lars Nilsson Represents! in Landskrona

Finally, we are back in the right time again. Travelling back in time (going westward) is not a problem, literally speaking. But the other direction “screws” the master clock. The attached picture was taken outside the town hall were Anita … Continue reading

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All Quiet on Main St.

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Sunset over Magnolia Harbor

On Sunday evening driving back from Maine, great timing as we came around the Harbor.  What a sunset, just amazing.

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Cape Ann Christmas Coupon Program: A Limited Number of Slots Still Available

The Cape Ann Chamber is in the process of preparing the 2012 Christmas Club Coupon that will be provided to Cape Ann’s financial institutions to be mailed with their Christmas Club checks.  If you are among last year’s participants and … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Dear Friends, Recently I attended a lecture given by an expert in a field to which I am passionately involved. I was really looking forward to this lecture and I have on many occasions actively promoted this lecturer. To get … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Poll For Our Jewish Readers

I’m curious amongst our Jew buddies here on GMG, Do you freak out when you see Christmas Trees lit up on town squares or are those just the extremists Jews in the community raising a stink? Personally I’m more pissed … Continue reading

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Taking some of Gloucester’s best music to Iowa on a cloud ~ and a prediction for 2020

We may be somewhat old-fashioned, but we still listen to CDs for 3 major reasons: We prefer the superior sound quality We have a lot of them that we bought before MP3s were available The only iPod in our house … Continue reading

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Glass Gear Follow Up From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey, Here’s a follow up photo for the glass buoy shot I sent you. This one shows the glass ball in the net bag used to hold the ball. This bag/ball assembly  would then be attached to one edge … Continue reading

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Happy Rice Krispies Treats Day!

Happy Rice Krispies Treats Day! Ways to celebrate Rice Krispies Treats Day: Make Rice Krispies Treats, Eat Rice Krispies Treats, Make AND Eat Rice Krispies Treats. Or just buy them it’s not as messy. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE? Click Here … Continue reading

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coffee and……

Coffee and Oreos. What could be better?

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Rubber Duck Public Service Announcements

This Wednesday, September 19th is a big day for two reasons. First, as a very heavy drinker of the Apple Kool-Aid I will be updating my iPhone to iOS6 on Wednesday morning. The other very big deal as we all … Continue reading

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Fresh Out Da Oven- Asian Pork Belly For Wasabi Slaw Pork Belly Sandwiches At Passports Today! #Boom!

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Parish Picnic Fun and Games 3

  It’s great to see all generations present at these events!Potato sack races warmups!   And they’re off!   The potato sack failed… but she kept on hopping! – Father Matthew Green      

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Recommended Reading for the Red Sox from 1917

Found an article at Main Street Arts and Antiques  in “American Boy” published  in June 1917 that would be useful to our Red Sox team of 2012.,. “How to Run the Bases” by Ty Cobb  

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