Evan Goodrow joins The Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line

Where did the week go? Sorry I’m so late with my missive but I’ve had trouble removing the hose clamp off my back.  So I’m suffering’: big deal….Just makes that halo over my head seem brighter. Anyhow, please remember to change your underwear and come on down to the Rummie this week as we present that galvanic superstar of mishegas: Mr. Evan Goodreau. I love playing with this guy; he’s so fearless and accommodating, too. We’ll share the vocal duties and rev up our Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. “Molto” Benny Benson, make him work up a big appetite.
And Monday, don’t forget, I’ll be down at the Rose Baker Senior Center from 1 to 3 , hooting’ it up with the Good Old Salty Jazz Band. Once again: it’s free! Gotta go! My spine is squaking!



About Joanne

I am a live music advocate and seek to share the news of bands playing at local venues in my home town. Being drawn to blues mostly but embrace all kinds of music. Funny most people say they do not like rap but I have heard some pretty good stuff from a local band known as The Dmus Sound Project. They are a class act. If you see a posting for them check them out and see for yourself. One does not have to go over the bridge to hear some real fine tunes, however there are some bands that draw you elsewhere. I hope this blog is a good use to you as it is to me. Enjoy, Joanne
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