Where the Heck is This Beach?

Fred Bodin Writes in-

Where the Heck is This Beach?


I got an email late tonight from a guy in eastern MA, who wanted to know where this photo was taken. He wants to give it to me, but I’ll be happy to share it in digital form with any FOB who can help ID it. He wants to give the original print to the appropriate local historical society, if it can be identified, and I’m all for it. If anybody can help, the Good Morning Gloucester aficionados can. Where is this lonely, remote, and forgotten place? My guess is on my Facebook Page.

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9 Responses to Where the Heck is This Beach?

  1. candide2588 says:

    Somewhere without much of a tide. Sicily?

  2. Because of the style of seine boats I am going to “guess” Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, or Nova Scotia, somewhere in the Canadian Maritimes. Originally these areas were settled by many french and irish peoples who fished with seine boats such as these. Later, they brought this style of seine boat to Gloucester, MA and they were taken on the Schooners for long lining.

  3. Joey C says:

    Susan Oleksiw writes-
    The photo looks like it’s from the Gaspe, Canada.

    Susan Oleksiw

  4. Lenore says:

    Photo looks to me to be in NewFoundland. Trinity Bay perhaps.

  5. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Judy is right! It’s Percé-South Beach on the Gaspe Peninsula, in Canada. Wow Judy, how do you know this? Here’s the link she provided to see the proof: http://www.allnumis.com/postcard/canada/perce-south-beach-amp-the-three-sisters-1189

    • Judy says:

      Spruce > north, but below arctic circle; non-glacial rocks eliminated a lot of places; wear on the base suggested rough water so I guessed at a few places – Gaspe had the right look. Your beach just happened to be a popular vista!

  6. Fredrik Bodin says:

    A French Canadian woman just walked into the gallery, and she visited and stayed in Percé. Wonderful, she said, and recommends a tour of the Gaspe Peninsula. She saw many similarities between Canadian fisheries and ours. She and her husband will be back tomorrow.

  7. I thought it might be Canada, though I’d never been to that spot.

    Well done, Judy. GMG readers are so knowledgeable.

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