Fly Amero thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

Thank you, everyone!
   Photo by Donna Amero

Larry Hoppen & Fly Amero strike the final chord of Orleans’ timeless classic, “Dance With Me”.

I would like to extend a personal note of thanks to each and every person who came to my weekly
Rhumb Line performance last week.  It was an overwhelming show of support from a loving community
that is utterly precious to me in every possible way.  Larry Hoppen was my bandmate, dear friend of more
than 32 years and, of course, singer of the Orleans mega-hits “Dance With Me”, “Still The One” & “Love
Takes Time”.  But he was more than just that.  He was the proud father of two beautiful, intelligent and
uniquely talented teenaged daughters, and a devoted humanitarian on a global scale.  Larry left the
planet on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 24, and I have been literally reeling ever since.  But, I am not
alone.  Not with you here by my side.  I love you all.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Fly

About Joanne

I am a live music advocate and seek to share the news of bands playing at local venues in my home town. Being drawn to blues mostly but embrace all kinds of music. Funny most people say they do not like rap but I have heard some pretty good stuff from a local band known as The Dmus Sound Project. They are a class act. If you see a posting for them check them out and see for yourself. One does not have to go over the bridge to hear some real fine tunes, however there are some bands that draw you elsewhere. I hope this blog is a good use to you as it is to me. Enjoy, Joanne
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