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More Photos From Inside and Out At The New Gloucester McDonalds From Ron Gilson

New Gloucester McDonalds From Ron Gilson VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL  

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Joey – our child is all grown up!

With apologies to all the good people who run the block parties now, I finally finished the new Block Party website with 9 days to spare before the first block party NEXT SATURDAY, JULY 21! This block party crew has … Continue reading

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Joanne Aiello Represents! at Kings Gate Community Port Charlotte, FL

Hi Joey, I’m attaching a picture of the GMG logo at Kings Gate community in Port Charlotte, FL taken this winter. GMG is our link to home while away.  Thanks. Joanne Aiello

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Gloucester Gig Rowers get a new Gig! From Rick Isaacs

Hi Joey, Gloucester Gig Rowers held our christening and launching party on Sunday evening, 8 Jul for our new 32′ Cornish Pilot Gig, custom-built for us by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Champlain Longboats School  http://www.lcmm.org/education/champlain_longboats.htm .  Here are a … Continue reading

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Picton Castle in Gloucester

The Picton Castle is registered in the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, and is owned and operated by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company, Ltd. The ship’s mission is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance education. Also, she carries supplies and educational … Continue reading

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July 12 Farmers’ Market


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Off of the Breakwater

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Such a pretty day out on Eastern Point

The natural marsh around this house is amazing.

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Shari Barr Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

From the deck of SV Linnet in Casco Bay, heading home to Gloucester. "Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." Shari … Continue reading

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Piston Castle Gets Thomas E Lannon Escort Into GTown

Hi Joey, The Picton Castle received a Schooner Escort by the Thomas E. Lannon into the Harbor today! Also Keep your eyes peeled for the Tall Ship HMS Bounty as she sails up the coast for her arrival in Newburyport … Continue reading

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Opening Reception – Eileen Patten Oliver

Looking for something fun to do Saturday night.  Come to Rocky Neck – have an awesome sushi dinner at Madfish Sushi, go to the Opening Reception of “Reflections of Cape Ann” paintings by Eileen Patten Oliver from 7:00-9:00 at Khan Studio … Continue reading

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Picton Castle Near Breakwater

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Two Days to Blackburn Challenge and Everyone is Ready

Including Rubber Duck. She has been pumping iron (and a one and a two, OK now) and has now moved on from the Horribles Parade hat she was sitting on last week and is now safely strapped down to the … Continue reading

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Sunday Night at the Lobster Pool

View of Ipswich Bay from the Lobster Pool Restaurant Rockport Sunday night we arrived at the Lobster Pool just as the sun was setting. By 11:30 that morning a line had formed out the door, yet despite this fact, we … Continue reading

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Hazzy and Hot View from Cressy’s Beach 6/21/2012

Hazzy and Hot View from Cressy’s Beach 6/21/2012

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Breakfast with Tomato Marmalade

A while back I mentioned Alexander Thompson’s delicious tomato marmalade (I mentioned it here and here).  It might sound unexpected (I had never heard of tomato marmalade before), but tomatos are fruit, and Alexander’s recipe really works.  They served it … Continue reading

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Attention All Artists: Meet Cape Ann Giclee!

Meet the new Cape Ann Giclee! Cape Ann’s Only giclee shop. They provide affordable, professional fine art printing services for photographers and artists. Their specialty is in color matching to make sure they are producing artists’ work accurately. Owners, Anna & … Continue reading

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