Brace Cove, Eastern Point

Brace Cove, Eastern Point ©Fredrik D. Bodin
My friends Surrey and Rob, who live on Eastern Point, have a view of Brace Cove and Brace Rock. Surrey once remarked that she loves it when the rock turns “pink” late in the day. I made this photograph as a wedding present for them. While setting up my tripod and camera to capture the fleeting light, I was attacked by swarms of tiny biting insects, who had colonized the piles of damp seaweed on the beach. After suffering through several exposures, I grabbed my fully extended tripod with camera still attached and ran for the car. I’ve since learned to wear pants and long sleeved shirts, a hat, and carry insect repellant on photographic outings, just as I do for clamming and fishing. Surrey and Rob loved their present, and it hangs in their house to this day. Although I didn’t have it mind when I shot this photo, there’s a similarity between my photo and luminist painter Fitz Henry Lane’s Brace’s Rock, circa 1863–1864. We’re fortunate to have many of his paintings reside at our Cape Ann Museum.
Shot on 6×7 centimeter transparency film. Printed from a 4×5 inch color internegative. Image #FDB9667-001c
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

About E.J.

Artist, researcher, writer, spiritual traveler of this fascinating orb we inhabit, lover of life and all it has to offer. Hi everyone out there in GMG land. My name is Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour (a/k/a “Ejay Khan” – the pseudonym I used during my years as a political activist artist). I moved to Cape Ann in September of 2010, and was thrilled to be invited by Joey to become a daily contributor to Good Morning Gloucester in December of that year. I am a painter, photographer and writer who has lived and worked as an artist for 20 years, since leaving the corporate world in 1990 to pursue my passion. My contributions to GMG will consist of images (either my paintings, photographs, montages or the occasional video) and a little history about the image, called “Did you Know?” I hope to come up with tidbits of information that people don’t already know, or had forgotten they knew. As I am new here, everything is new and fascinating to me, especially the amazing history, so bear with me if I post something that is common knowledge – I’ll eventually come up with something that’s new to you. As an artist, I will also write about the incredible art scene on Cape Ann. Please take a minute to comment on my posts, like them or not, especially if you have corrections or something to add, as that is how I, and all of us, learn. Have a Good Morning Gloucester, and a blessed day.
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One Response to Brace Cove, Eastern Point

  1. xegloucesterite says:

    Thanks for posting that picture and the link to the painting, Fred. I grew up in E. Gloucester, just a short walk to the Brace Cove area and spent many happy days there – fishing from the rock, lobstering in the cove with a long-handled net from a friends canoe and duck hunting from the rock and in Niles pond.

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