Where did McDonalds go?

I think it was here on Maplewood Ave. the day before yesterday...

Someone told me that they are going to rebuild, because the building was old and needed a complete renovation. Kind of startling, though, to drive down the road and see this sight instead of the nice little Micky D’s that was there so recently! Anybody know for sure if/when they will reopen? When I will be able to get my yummy McDonald’s apple pies again?


  • Love the apple pies too. But I hope they decide to go the Taco Bell way.

  • Martin Del Vecchio

    A McDonald’s restaurant is judged on one thing only: how hot and crispy its french fries are.
    That “nice little Micky D’s” never cooked its fries properly.
    Let’s hope that the new building brings a new set of fry-o-lators, and a renewed commitment to delivering the one thing McDonald’s does best.

  • September 2008 I’m in Fred Bodin’s shop and he is telling me where the Chinese restaurant is and I am giving him a blank stare. Then he says, start at the MacDonalds and I said, “there is a MacDonalds in Gloucester?” He looked at me like I had two heads.

    And now you tell me they knocked it down beforeI ever went? Well Rubber Duck and I will be at the grand opening for a Newman’s coffee and an apple pie. (at 4:20PM)

  • It’s been awhile so….anyone know what was there before MickeyD’s?

  • Unfortunately Father, you will have to venture over the bridge for the next four months.

  • It’s been awhile and I can’t remember, what was there before MickeyD’s ?

  • Oh NO! Where can I go for my guilty pleasure Steak and Egg McMuffin!!! :(

  • Hopefully when they rebuild they don’t go with the primary colors theme of harsh yellow and red.

  • Joey, those colors were hideous! I’m hoping the same thing. That place was the nastiest McDonalds I have ever been to (and I frequent them only for my smoothies!) It was not well run, well kept and the reviews are horrible – hopefully, a better version will be raised on the site! How can we have a say in on the decor? Other towns do……

  • IF I remember correctly, there was a Chevy dealership on that site, back in the ’60s.
    WORK’S Chevrolet.
    And there was a Lincoln dealership where the movie theatre is on Essex Ave.

  • There will be a new McD in 3 to 6 months. More modern bldg. hopefully, done tastefully. I guess it doesn’t pay to renovate; it’s easier to knock it down and rebuild. Going back in my old memory, I believe the bar, “Mally’s” stood on that spot years ago.

  • It was the lot where Works Chevrolet had all the shiny new cars to sell. The building to the right was their office and showroom. I remember that Mr. Works had a really old car (Model T?) that he would drive in parades.
    The building to the left- where the equipment-party rental place is- was the Lebanese/American Club and later was a club called Mally’s.I went to Babson School and I remember when we heard that a “super market” was going to be built at the train yard next to the depot building- there was actually a pretty cool depot building you could go into back in the day. At that point there was the A & P downtown, but that was a grocery store. Really- no one knew what a “super market” was.
    Yup- I’m old :)

  • The tear down instead of the overhaul of the building is logical as I heard they were also tring to fix the water problem in the parking lot, after snowy winters-not- and wet springs-not- . The area and railway tracks behind Works Chevy was very marshy and the run off from the high areas of dogtown wpould flood areas on its march to the sea. And Mally’s was next door in the now rental place. Of couse that was before it was Gloucester’s First and only strip bar in the early *80′s

    • I saw that water problem when I took this picture. I parked in front of a puddle the size of a small pond in the parking lot…

      • And we had a dry winter and spring Father, if normal its reach the building and caused shut downs before, we can prey they fix the problems and Gloucester a Hi class Mac D’s as I have seen around the country.

    • Paul, another occasion to wear your tux!

    • Hi Joe. “Rendezvous”. (Played on their Semi-fast Softball team in the early 80′s.) Mainly a Disco Club, it was a “Gentleman’s club” one night a week. “Ladies Club” another, and so on. I believe everyone who went to Mally’s got “Barred for Life” at one time or another. I was “BFL” at least a dozen times. Better stop writting now.

      • Fridays was the inshore fleets day off to settle up and prepare vessel for sailing early Sat Morniings, want to quess were a good chunk of change ($ Dollar bills) went.

  • Wow am I happy read the blog before I left for work. I was going to swing by Mickey D’s and get a nice hit Newman’s Own!

  • It’s about time! I haven’t gone there since the sewer backed up into the kitchen last year.

  • Rats! I’m going to miss that new banana bread. It’s yummy!

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