We’re Having A Party! What Kind Of Party You Ask? Saturday March 31st At Bodin Historic Photo The Good Morning Gloucester Spring Fling!!!!

It’s On Baby!!!

and yes, it’s Gonna Be THAT kind of Party!

Spring Fling!

A Good Morning Gloucester and Bodin Historic Photo gallery spring party for FOBs, FOGs, contributors, and open to the general public.

Saturday, March 31st. Starts at 6 pm

82 Main Street, in downtown Gloucester

BYOB and appetizers/dishes are welcome.

Bodin Historic Photo 82 Main Street 978-283-2524


If you missed our winter bash you didn’t know how much fun we had.  the joint was packed!  Bring some booze, and come meet up with your favorite contributors!  If you’re lucky Paulie Walnuts will strip down and shake his ass for you.

About Joey C

The creator of goodmorninggloucester.org Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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10 Responses to We’re Having A Party! What Kind Of Party You Ask? Saturday March 31st At Bodin Historic Photo The Good Morning Gloucester Spring Fling!!!!

  1. Hope to be there and will bring food and wine..

  2. Frank says:

    LMAO. I am going to try to get down there.

  3. Linda Colman says:


  4. Sista Felicia says:

    Hummmmm……..what shall I bring?

    • Rubber Duck has been watching your arancini video over and over and bolognese inside a ball of rice which is then coated with bread crumbs and deep fried is something that brings tears to her eyes since she has never tried one.

      I’m sure they are subpar if not right out of the olive oil but if you brought a couple wrapped in newspaper we could eat them out back.

  5. Rubber Duck is back on the island and will be there. Since she is made of rubber and never changes she’ll be bringing a bottle of Ryan &Wood Knockabout Gin. Totally out of Bluefish Patè but who knows what one can do with a fresh caught mackerel. We’ll see if there is time to catch, smoke, and patè.

  6. E.J. says:

    I’ll be there, but I’m keeping my shell on!

  7. fredrikdbodin says:

    Ducks, meatballs, and gin are always welcome. Paul, you’ve inspired me to make some of my grandma Astrid’s fresh creamed herring. Thanks!

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