I got nothin’.

Oh em gee it’s snowing outside I cannot go out to take a photo and Stella won’t go outside because there are alligators in the puddles. So I’ll just post a photo that Marty Luster took of Stella at a GMG Mug Up while everyone was stuffed in the kitchen.

Which I thought of after visiting puppytube.com and ran into this animated gif

For the record, Stella would never think of eating that muffin … unless it was Joey’s. And just a lick.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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4 Responses to I got nothin’.

  1. Linda Colman says:

    She might not TAKE the muffin but she’s most certainly THINKING about it. Look at that face!!

  2. Great capture. It’s all in the eyes!

  3. Click on “Stella at a GMG Mug Up” to check out all four of the shots Marty took of Stella. I think she was just worried about the muffins being left alone.

  4. E.J. says:

    You have alligators in your puddles! No wonder she doesn’t want to go out. It was great to see you and Sue last night at Fred Bodin’s.

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