Sunrise from Chapin’s Gully

This morning there was a pretty good sundog sun pillar preceding sunrise which split the Rockport Breakwater.

Click the photo for two more shots and larger photos. This shot was taken while standing in front of Chapin’s Rock which is in Chapin’s Gully. I wondered who Chapin was so I looked him up. The Reverend Edwin Hubble Chapin had a cottage on Andrews Point (still there) and “a few rods” away, according to his biography was a gully that the preacher swam in most every afternoon. He died in his Pigeon Cove cottage in 1880 but he was a pretty big deal so back to Brooklyn to his last church for the funeral he went. PT Barnum was a pal and went to the funeral as well as “more preachers than have ever attended one funeral.” A Universalist, he preached in Rockport many times to a packed house.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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12 Responses to Sunrise from Chapin’s Gully

  1. Mary says:

    Andrews Point is one of my favorite spots on earth & sunrise is the best time of day. Enjoyed the history lesson. Great shot! Thanks for sharing, Paul.

  2. Len Burgess says:

    Hi Paul, great capture. In the past I’ve shot a couple of these and in investigating on the net found out that they were called “Sun Pillars”. Check them out…

    • Paul Morrison says:

      Yup, your two photos are exactly what was happening this morning. It looked like the sun was actually up in the clouds already then really became a pillar. I had to look up sun dog just now so I can keep them straight. Sun dogs are on either side of the sun:

  3. Thank you Paul for both the history note and sun pillar photos–WOW!!!

  4. almost a Sun Pillar this am but nice shot. clouds where off. :(

  5. Ann Kennedy says:

    Such a terrific shot! That water is absolutely hypnotic. Wow!

  6. Skip Montello says:

    Hi Paul,
    When was the shot?

    • Paul Morrison says:

      6:50 AM yesterday Feb 4. the first shot was right at sunrise, the other pillars a few minutes before. The sun pillar was up for at least ten minutes before the sun.

  7. Paul Morrison says:

    It’s changing pretty rapidly now.

  8. bowsprite says:

    sooooo beautiful. Something about your waters there, it is so incredibly alluring…like no where else i’ve seen…

  9. Elaine Marie Lapointe says:

    OMG. Absolutely phenomenal picture.

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