Iona’s first art show!

Iona and her chair

There are lots more pictures from the Art Haven buoy auction coming soon, but this is definitely one of the best: Iona didn’t know her chair was going to be in the art show and when Aja showed it to her she got this grin on her face and said, “It’s my first art show!!” Can’t beat seeing a proud kid standing next to their artwork…

About dawntheresa

I am a writer and children's art supporter who has found a home in Gloucester, MA. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, but never felt as rooted there as I already do after my first three years here. At this point in my life I write to discover more about the mystical attraction of Cape Ann and the people here, as well as to share with the world the stories of those, young and old, who meld together here with the beautiful landscape to create a picture perfect life.
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7 Responses to Iona’s first art show!

  1. Martin Del Vecchio says:

    It looks fantastic, Iona!

  2. Sista Felicia says:

    Great Job Iona! Your chair looks amazing!!!

  3. debny01930 says:

    Love the mermaid chair! What’s next?

  4. Elaine Marie Lapointe says:

    I like the chair but especially like her smile. You can see pride in that smile.

  5. Melanie Murray-Brown says:

    What a sweet posting-Iona (my daughter) designed and painted the chair in Aja’s super terrific Furniture Painting class. Her design is Ophelia, inspired by pre-raphaelite, John William Waterhouse’s 1910 Ophelia…now that is an awesome teaching at Art Haven!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. We came up to Gloucester to hang a buoy in my sons honor.
    Where all the buoys sold?

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