TOMORROW is it… Check out the awesome fishing lure by Karen Conant!

Fishing Lure buoy by Karen Conant

Fishing Lure buoy by Karen Conant

For those of you familiar with The Hive or Crossfit Cape Ann, this style may look familiar :) Created for Art Haven by Karen Conant, one of the wonderful super-involved folks of the Cape Ann community! Again, the rules:

-If you like a buoy you see, bidding starts at $20, and you can just bid in the comments section below the post, HOWEVER

-Your bid doesn’t become official until you send Art Haven an email ( saying you’re serious and letting us know how to get in contact with you.

-Finally, if you’re the highest bidder on the blog, that makes your bid the starting bid at the auction. We’ll be in touch about your max bid if you can’t make it to the auction.

If you’ve got any questions, leave ‘em in the comments section. Also, check out the artist buoys on Art Haven’s Facebook page and tell us if there are particular buoys you’d like to see go up here. And remember, your money is helping more kids on Cape Ann have access to crazy fun art activities :)

Finally, for your enjoyment, the organizing process…


  • You should put the fish covered buoy up for online bid…

  • My bid for this wonderful fishbuoy is $70.01.
    Nancy Poland
    Wittgatt 10
    40489 Duesseldorf
    tel. 011-49-211-407566 (that’s the complete number!)
    I have an account at the Cape Ann Savings Bank, ask for Dean Murray. But the buoy would be a present for my bother who just turned 70 and lives in RI.

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