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Cape Ann Burying Grounds From Bill Langer

Bill writes- Hey Joey, I love to see people paying attention to Cape Ann’s beautiful cemeteries. When I was younger and living in the neighborhood, I did a lot of photography and general wandering around the old burying grounds, so … Continue reading

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Rainbows and COLD! from Jane Paznik-Bondarin

Hi Joey, Every 7-10 weeks, weather permitting, I head to Gloucester from NYC for a haircut. Okay, you can stop laughing. Every man who hears this is incredulous, and every woman smiles, understanding that when you’ve found THAT person who … Continue reading

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Pats Win Followed By A Killer Dinner. Life Is Good!

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Super Duper Good Egg Brenda Malloy Checks In From Chiang Mai

Love and Happy Day to my family and friends~ I hope this finds you healthy and well and enjoying life. this photo is of me riding superman backwards on the merry go round. Haven’t taken many photo’s. I have sat … Continue reading

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Dog Bar Breakwater

Dog Bar Breakwater   It’s quite a simple structure, given its task: blocks of granite, each one thirteen tons, piled neatly and securely on and next to the other.   So far it has survived more than one hundred years … Continue reading

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Brad Byrd gimmesound artist of the week

Peter interviews Brad all week long.  Here’s the first video. You can vote for Brad Byrd Best Singer/Songwriter Artist of the year http://www.melodic.net/?page=review&id=10712 Check out his music here: http://www.gimmesound.com/BradByrd/ I  know the Pat’s are playing but don’t forget there is … Continue reading

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Happy Nonnie

Love being a Nonnie the kids want the Pats to win..  Go Pats

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Smith’s Cove in the Morning

Rocky Neck really is such a lovely spot.  Can’t wait to be back there because it will mean it is May and winter is gone. E.J. Lefavour

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Is it called coasting or sledding?

Whatever it’s called, it is fun…

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Skating at Niles Pond Today

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Buoy #3 – EJ’s Eastern Point Lighthouse

This buoy was generously created for Art Haven by GMG’s own Ejay Lefavour, renowned owner of the Ejay Kahn gallery on Rocky Neck! Start your bidding! If you don’t know what’s going on, we’re in the middle of a series … Continue reading

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For The Love Of God People

PLEASE I BEG OF YOU- I’m not trying to be cute.  I’m not trying to be funny. I am begging for your mercy. There is a search box. I swear to god on everything I’ve ever held true to me … Continue reading

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GMG Group Pensive at breakfast at Passports

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4 Inches Versus’…. it ain’t what you think


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Gloucester is full of picturesque views

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The “This is why I don’t do searches on the internet” poll.

This poll is only for people who for one reason or another do not like to use search engines, search boxes or any other type of technology to find the answers to their questions. Again, this is not a joke, … Continue reading

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