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The American Style Magazine Top Arts Destination In the Country Get Out The Vote

Last year we helped make Gloucester the number 3 Arts Destination In the Country in American Style Magazine.  This is something we already know obviously but really don’t we deserve to be number one? With your help and vote it … Continue reading

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Icy Magic From Skip Montello

Hi Joey, Nature is ever changing the landscape view and especially in winter. This quarry wall comes alive with icy magic and mineral color; it has never looked like this during the summer. Skip North Coast Angler http://www.northcoastangler.com Skip Montello … Continue reading

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Jim Garron European Homie Represents

Joe, I forgot my GMG sticker so I could not represent, so I decided to do the next best thing and get a photo of a European Homie.  This was taken on the Charles Bridge in Prague, quality is not … Continue reading

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Kwan Yin

Known as The Goddess of Mercy, Gentle Protectoress, Bodhisattva of Compassion, even the 
savior of seamen and fishermen, she holds many titles. The spelling of her name varies, but it is 
not so much the arrangement of letters as it … Continue reading

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What is this in Ravenswood.. how fun

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Snowed Half a Rubber Duck Already Today

With another half predicted.

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Did You Know? (Bay View Cemetery)

That the Bay View Cemetery was established in 1728 and is the third oldest cemetery in Gloucester?  The Ancient Burial Ground, also known as First Parish Burial Ground and Old Bridge Street Burial Ground, was established in 1633 and is … Continue reading

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Antennae for Design

Depression Era Quilts For the first installment of Antennae for Design I wanted to share with you a very special gift that my mother- and father-in-law gave me this Christmas past. My husband’s family lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, a beautiful … Continue reading

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Did anyone see Henri Smith at the Tsongas Arena on Monday?

He was there for the sixth year straight singing Gospel at the Martin Luther King Day Celebration.  Watch the video and see his answer to the question Peter posed on Wednesday. If you had any doubts about the winter music … Continue reading

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Buoy #2 up for bids!

In case you missed it yesterday, we’re starting the bidding on some of our artist buoys here over the next week so you get a preview of some of the great stuff you can see if you come to Cruiseport … Continue reading

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Kodak files for bankruptcy

Still shooting Kodak film for my multiexposure work… http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/01/19/eastman-kodak-files-for-bankruptcy/?hp Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012 http://www.kathychapman.com

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Pensive Ed

Send in your self portrait pensive nose picker  pic for a chance to win one of Sharon Lowe’s Over-The-Bridge t Shirts or you can opt for a swift kick in the nuts. Deadline Sunday night. send pics to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com Bill … Continue reading

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Causeway Fish Chowder

To call a bowl of Causeway Fish Chowder simply a bowl of fish chowder is leaving out the fact that the amount of fish in the Causeway’s Fish Chowder is the amount of fish that you would normally find in … Continue reading

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Rose Hips

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Charlie’s Place Special Board

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Catching Up With the Progress On The Bow to Stern Overhaul of Gloucester’s Coast Guard Cutter The Grand Isle

Huge thanks To Lieutenant Christjan Gaudio who is the Commanding Officer of the GRAND ISLE along with CWO Manny Munoz at Coast Guard Station Gloucester want to make our Coast Guard Station and Boats ingrained with the community, for you … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It! Julia Bishop Is a Photographer

HI, Just received an email about you from Kim Smith. Thank you for your love of Gloucester! Hope you have a chance to look at my blog! julia bishop jbishopphotos.blogspot.com That Vase looks eerily similar to a lamp I photographed … Continue reading

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