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Hotel Tortuga- Playa del Carmen


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Gloucester Marina From Elinor Teele

Squam Creative Services Freelance Copywriting, Fiction and Photography The Doll’s Head: A Mystery for Girls Discover the story and read a free sample

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Amesbury Sports Park Tubing Day With The Family

Amesbury Sports Park Tubing Day VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL      

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When The Deep Purple Falls . . . .

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So pretty on the Blvd. Tuesday morning with a little snow on the rocks.

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Only 177 Days to the BlackBurn Challenge

January 18 and how many New Year’s Resolutions have you blown off already? Did you last two weeks on your diet? Have you already bought a pack of Winstons? Now is the time baby, crunch time, when the muffin top … Continue reading

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The Flower That Mrs Kim Gave Us- A Snoop Maddie Mad Production

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?? Do You Know?? (Mystery Bird)

I saw these birds by Goose Cove the other day and knew they were something I had never seen before.  I’ve done exhaustive research trying to identify them, but haven’t been able to.  They are very small, like Bufflehead size, … Continue reading

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Antennae for Design

January, February, March, and for we who dwell in New England, oftentimes well into April, are ideal months for interior home improvements. During these more homebound months I am actively seeking home and garden design inspiration. And, too, with projects … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Music Schedule Changes & a question for musicians

You’ll want to know these changes from the regular Wednesday schedule.  Plus, Peter has a question — especially for musicians.  Check out the video and comment below or answer on Facebook. One of our favorite local artists Elle Gallo will … Continue reading

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Big Band Saturday Night Swing Dance @ The Annie

There was such an overwhelming positive response to the Big Band benefit we did last November, and an overwhelming number of people who asked that we do it again (either because they had such a blast at the last one, … Continue reading

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Fly Away

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The Old Freeman House

Old Freeman House, Gloucester, 1928 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin The Davis-Freeman house, built in 1709 on 17 acres, is a first period colonial house located at 302 Essex Avenue (Route 133). It’s named after owner Charles Freeman, a descendant … Continue reading

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Ted Reed Reminds Us- it Used To Snow Here In the Winter

Ted writes- Hi Joey– I came across this photo my wife, Susan took a year ago during yet another snow storm and thought I’d pass it along. After this morning’s light cover it’s a little easier to remember that it … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It! The Website of Gloucester Artist Patricia Sullivan

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Bumblebee – Pet of the Week

Bumblebee – Pet of the Week I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester, waiting to be adopted by a loving family.  My name is Bumblebee, but I don’t sting people; I … Continue reading

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