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Who is up for a little bird ID game?

Shot this little guy on the beach day before yesterday. Location Playa Del Carmen. My guess is a sandpiper but I’m no birding freak. What ya got?

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Boston Children’s Museum Trip January 2012

A Great Take, Especially When You Get The Half Off Tickets At The Your Library click pic for slideshow

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Open Air Art Exhibit Panorama- Fifth Ave Playa Del Carmen

When we were planning the first Downtown Gloucester Block Parties one of the original ideas was to allow local artist to set up and display/sell their art. We had a few artists come down but not nearly what I thought … Continue reading

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Thanks to all for your kind expressions of sympathy. This is the way we’ll remember her. Barbara and Marty

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The Ocean is in Charge

Took a ride around Gloucester to take some pictures at high tide..  so fascinated by the power of the ocean. Splash Over on the Blvd. Twin Light House from the Back Shore Good Harbor High Tide The power of the … Continue reading

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Special Report: Major Splash-Over on Boulevard Fri. Afternoon

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Got Too Much Stuff?

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Did You Know? (Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoy)

I’ve always loved this fishing shack in Bayview, but just noticed the sign on it recently.  If you are looking for an authentic wooden lobster buoy, call Greg Merchant of Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoy. E.J. Lefavour

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Remembering Rick Kaloust From Andrew “Cowboy” McCloy

By Andy “Cowboy” McCloy Some people are illuminated from within. You know it the moment you meet them — there is a spark, an essence, a twinkle in the eye, that sets them apart from the rest. Rick Kaloust glowed … Continue reading

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Do You Have friggatriskaidekaphobia? We don’t!

The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia Perfect for today, this song by gimmesound artist of the week Wool & Grant will make you cry.  Lots to choose from tonight even if you have kids.  See tonight’s lineup … Continue reading

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Celebrating The Life Of Ricky Kaloust Saturday 9:30am Eastern Point Lighthouse

Rick’s friends will be gathering this Saturday morning at 9:30AM to celebrate his amazing life. We will meet at the Eastern Point Lighthouse for some words of remembrance and music. All are welcome and encouraged to come so together we … Continue reading

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Breakfast- El Bistro Playa del Carmen

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Clergy and the “New Media”

This post is in response to the suggestion of our blog leader, Joey. Although many members of the clergy (Catholic and otherwise) are of a generation that is not all that accustomed to using the “New Media” (blogs, social media, … Continue reading

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Eating in Playa del Carmen

At the risk of jinxing us I have to say one of the most pleasant surprises about Playa del Carmen has been the dining experiences. At every place we’ve eaten be it fancy dinner, casual lunch or breakfast everything has … Continue reading

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Congrats To Cousin Allison Ciaramitaro On Her New Gig As Morning Meteorologist At KMID!

Little cuz Allison Ciaramitaro just got offered a job down in Texas as the morning meteorologist at a station KMID. Don’t ask me what it stands for. Being a meteorologist was a dream of Ally from before she went to … Continue reading

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A Really Cold Winter From Bill Langer

Hi Joey, The recent cold snap (relatively speaking) in New England reminded me of the winter of ’76-’77. I was living in Newton at the time; one Sunday I drove up to the north shore and took some pictures. I … Continue reading

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Gloucester Webcam Of The Day- Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe

The view of Gloucester’s Back Shore from The Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe Click here for a list of dozens of Gloucester area webcams

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