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What Up Homie?

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I Got A Bet To Settle. Flossing Poll

Someone I may or may not be related to through marriage have adisagreement over when the proper time to floss is. Help us decide this for once and all.

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Video- What’s Happening At Last Stop Variety?

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Beats Shoveling

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Cevice On The Beach. Playa del Carmen at Sensei

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Sun going down on the Blvd..

Each time I go out to take pictures, there is always an amazing image to capture in our little piece of heaven

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Kid Tampa, The Rabbit Remembers

“You don’t know, you don’t even know the half.” Often said of great people in ones life you couldn’t even begin to comprehend. It’s a brotherhood these selections in friends that you make in life that forge a bond greater … Continue reading

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An Evening of Music and Poetry with Michael Gregory

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Quote of the Week by Greg Bover

“Time is the fire in which we burn.” Delmore Schwartz 1913-1966 Born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, NY, Schwartz attended Columbia and the University of Wisconsin before receiving a degree from New York University. He studied philosophy as a graduate … Continue reading

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Will Allen, Sponsored by Gloucester Writer’s Center

Will Allen gave a fascinating talk to a packed house last night. Mr. Allen is an organic farming visionary. He understands the complexities of farming and the impact of deadly chemicals. He draws from a combination of well-researched scientific knowledge and … Continue reading

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Wool & Grant Go Granny Go & an Old Sweatshirt

See Peter in his 1980′s sweatshirt that I won’t let him wear outside the house and hear Wool & Grant’s Go Granny Go Lots of music tonight.  See the full lineup here.  Old Man Winter avoided us ’cause he wants … Continue reading

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The Kenny Cleveland Trio at The Seaport Grille January 18, 2012

Sheree DeLorenzo Proprietor Cruiseport Gloucester Seaport Grille Gloucester Marine Terminal  6 Rowe Square Gloucester, MA. 01930 cruiseportgloucester.com 978-282-9700 978-282-9799

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Hanging out at the State Fish Pier

Hanging out at the State Fish Pier

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Mayor Kirk gives a Shout Out to GMG on FNX this Morning!

Mayor Kirk with Melrose Mayor Dolan This just in from Mayor Kirk via phone on the way back to Gloucester from the FNX studio. Fun contest today at wfnx – “My Song is better than your song – Battle of the … Continue reading

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St. Ann School

…reflected in a puddle on a low roof. There’s a little bit of distortion from the software I used to stitch several images together to get this wide a view.

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Celebrating Rick Saturday Morning At Eastern Point Lighthouse

Rick’s friends will be gathering this Saturday morning at 9:30AM to celebrate his amazing life. We will meet at the Eastern Point Lighthouse for some words of remembrance and music. All are welcome and encouraged to come so together we … Continue reading

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Sunrise Jan. 4 From John Wheeler

Hi Joey, Has I took this picture this morning, freezing my hands off, I thought of you,and your friends, running into the ocean. I but your glad today is not January first. John Wheeler

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