This Is Gloucester DVD’s 1st and 2nd Batch Sold Out- Due To Overwhelming Demand Third Order Will Be Placed

Due to the quickness in which we sold the 1st batch of 100 and second batch of 32 DVD’s I’m going to open up orders for another 50. People that picked theirs up liked them so much many wanted to order more and as the word has gotten out I guess it has created quite a buzz.


These DVD’s will be the same as the first two- the same chapters and tehy don’t include the Saturday Greasy Pole or “Why I Love Gloucester” Interviews.

They tell me they will have them shipped to me most likely by the 15th of December so I can’t guarantee Christmas delivery although I think it will most likely be the case that I can get them to you by then. For the third batch, be aware that I’m not guaranteeing Christmas delivery. If you want to pick them up to insure you have them by then you can let me know and I’ll be happy to hold them for you here at the dock and you can pick them up.

The perfect stocking stuffer- Yep

The Perfect Secret Santa Gift- Yep

The Perfect Gift to have sitting around when that person you didn’t buy for shows up with a gift for you- Yep.

The Perfect Gift For That Person That Loves This Place As Much As You Do- Yep

The gift that brings you home time and time again no matter where you are on the planet- Yep


Also a special offer- buy 10, get 2 DVD’s free and two  GMG T Shirts (retail value $20 apiece) and I’ll also throw in free two day shipping.

We have Graphite Grey T’s and they are packaged in cellophane with a GMG Sticka in the package.  So if you order 10 DVD’s you get $95 worth of free stuff with it between the T-Shirts and the expedited shipping and the two extra DVDs.  BOOM That just happened!


But wait!!! That’s not all!!!

I will also throw in one of the most limited of all GMG Stickas FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsbury have ever produced with only 30 total in existence and my assurances that they will never produce another one to make these the most exclusive of all GMG Stickas- The Only 30 Ever Made METALLIC GOLD SUPER FOB STICKA (only for those that order 10 or more DVDs)


Here’s the order form again-

Here’s a video of the Bean unboxing the first batch-

The goal was to make a DVD which you could show people and blow them away with stuff that they have never seen before. Especially cool are the mutant lobster and marine life videos on the larger screen.

As a Christmas or Hanukah present it’s a no-brainer. Small size, easy wrapping, totally unique, totally Gloucester, easy shipping, perfect price point- $20.

This will be the perfect gift to have a couple wrapped and in the front hall closet for when those people stop buy with a present for you but you didn’t think to get them one- you have a couple Good Morning Gloucester DVDs all wrapped up in the closet and ready to go!

No brainer, right?

They will cost $20 for 1 Buy 5 and get 1 free, buy 10 and get two free.

Huge thanks to Dan King for the background music for the DVD menu and The Joey C’s Gloucester at Dawn Slideshow and Beth Swan for Designing The DVD Artwork.

I’ll be donating 5% of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD to The Saint Peter’s Fiesta to rebuild the Greasy Pole.

Here’s a screenshot of the DVD menu-

imageI believe with all my heart that there is nothing currently produced that on one DVD captures so much of the diverse essence of what this town is all about.

If there is someone you know that loves this place as much as I do, this is the gift that brings them home time and time again.

The Chapters-

  1. ReplyGloucester at Dawn Featuring Music By Dan King
  2. 2011 Friday Greasy Pole
  3. 2011 Jr Womens Seine Boat Champs Donna Del Mare
  4. Building The 2011 Greasy Pole Shrine
  5. Down The Fish Hold Of The Sanfilippos Captain Domenic
  6. How Your Lobsters Were Harvested- Aboard The Trapper John
  7. Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay
  8. Lobster Molting In Real Time At Captain Joe and Sons
  9. Monkey Balls or Sea Squirts -European Invader Ascidiella Aspersa
  10. One Inch Baby Lobsters Filmed and Released
  11. Rare Golden Sea Robin Landed Videotaped and Released
  12. Triple Pincer Claw Lobster
  13. The Back Shore 3/16/10
  14. Salting Herring At Cape Seafoods
  15. Gloucester Zen 6/3/11 Good Harbor Beach at Dawn
  16. Lobstermen Matt and Mark Ring Prepare A Trawl For The ’11 Season
  17. Fontana Family St Joseph Novena 2011
  18. Ferrante Family St Joseph’s Novena 2011


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