Nick Holland Asks- What Were These Used For?


I’ve found dozens of eye bolts set in outcrops or large boulders across Gloucester. This one (see attached) is from Dogtown. There are many throughout the woods of West Gloucester. Typically I find them at the top of the outcrop or rock, often with a piece of wire still attached. They are much smaller than the beefy hardware associated with quarrying.

What were these used for?



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6 Responses to Nick Holland Asks- What Were These Used For?

  1. I would guess a guy wire to support a derrick for quarry work. Some small quarry pits (motions) were very small and might use just a few guy wires to hold a small derrick to lift out the granite. Johnsons Quarry in Rockport still has a derrick of the very large kind.

  2. ~ as a young girl i always thought they were used as anchors??? :o)

  3. Meg Lee says:

    I’ll bet Les Bartlett would know. He has a wealth of knowledge on all things quarry and such.

  4. Tony Gowers says:

    Someone should do a story on these old stone relics.

  5. The eye bolts I can sort of figure out. Must be a guy wire suport for something. The straight iron poles about 3/4 inch diameter not so much. Did a pulley attach here? Then there are the weird ones. I cleaned off a bit of Atlantic Path a month ago and a 3/4 inch bar comes out of the rock then ends which what looks like the claw on a hammer. Was it to pull nails out of boards passing by?

    I can send photos, if Les Bartlett can come up with an answer. I know what a plug and feathers is but that took a few years to figure out who to ask.

  6. They look a lot like the basis of shackles to me

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