The Ramparts, Commodore Rouse, and the Schooner Niagara

The Ramparts, Eastern Point, circa 1900 Anonymous/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

 Schooner Niagara, Eastern Point, circa 1898 Phelps/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

The Ramparts was built in 1896 on Eastern Point (Gloucester, MA) by Commodore Henry Rouse of Cleveland. Rouse was a railroad tycoon and commodore of the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club of New York. In 1898, Rouse was visited by financier Howard Gould, the ninth richest man in America, on his Schooner Niagara. In the photo, Niagara sails off Eastern Point, with The Ramparts visible between the jib and the bowsprit. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the outing, probably with Rouse aboard, and the man with the top hat just aft of the mainmast likely robber baron Gould himself.
Printed archivally from a scan of the original. Image # AD07-002 (Ramparts) and AD07-001 (Niagara)

Fred  Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

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5 Responses to The Ramparts, Commodore Rouse, and the Schooner Niagara

  1. Those are beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  2. Bill Hubbard says:

    Very nice, Fred. The Ramparts was a great place for those of us growing up in E. Gloucester to hang out. I remember the sad day in the 1950s when all of the cannons, armor statues of lions were auctioned off.

  3. Eastcoast Ties says:

    My grandfather grew up at that property, his dad was captain of the boats and his mom was a maid. In fact, my great grandfather is most certainly on that boat pictured. Indeed my grandfather spoke of the sad day the home was destroyed, to save on taxes is what he told me.

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