Gloucester MA Video- 1944 Commercial Fishing On The Cerlew- Video From Ed Rioux

Ed Rioux wanted us to Share this video with our readers-

Ed writes-

i am now  81 dont think i know you -  may know  family members  from the old days

my dad fished  out o gloucester late 30s 40s  50s  italian fleet  seiners  draggers would like very much to talk to you  about  this– we are releasing  a  dvd ( a 8mm movie  converted to a dvd- taken in 1944  of the dragger  Curlew  fishing at the banks) probably sadly  we  wont see fishing like this again -  history for sure


  • What an amazing video! Thank you so much Ed for sharing this treasure! We really are blessed to come from a town with such an amazing history.

  • What a treasure!. Thank you Mr. Rioux and all who had a hand in putting this film together. It is now a part of Gloucester history.

  • Great video thanks for sharing!!

  • The quality and content of that video is amazing, especially considering how long ago it was shot. I didn’t know there even were video cameras in 1944. Enjoyed that very much – the music was great too. Thank you Ed.

  • Thank you very very much Mr.Rioux,
    A true snapshot into out heritage.

  • Simply priceless..just stunning footage, voice over, and work. Great job!

  • Donna’s Dad from Riverdale?! Knew your family way back when…. Fabulous video, Mr. Rioux! Thanks so much for sharing-
    Linn Doyle Parisi


  • Great presentation..brings back many memories. I fished on board the Mary Rose with my father, Capt Joe Ciarametaro. We fished along with the Curlew. Remember those days well.

  • Great to see this here. Thanks for sharing. I’m sending it on to all I know. Wonderful! I think my girlfriend’s dad is in there somewhere, but can’t make him out. Maybe she will. Lee Swekla

  • hello capt joey
    is this the good morning gloucester capt joey ciarametaro – i hope it is–i know my dad must have know your dad – them fishermen all knew each other- wow that is really great thanks again seaya ed-

  • It was a privilege to be part of this project with my friends Ed Rioux, Joyce McCourt, Dave Medvitz, Bobby Fowkes and Roger and Susan Ebacher. It is a historical record of the Fishing industry in the 1940′s and so interesting. We should also give credit to Ed’s family for their inspiration and support. I was lucky for the opportunity to listen to Ed talk about the early days of Gloucester and stories about his Mom, Dad and his siblings and how they survived in the 1940′s as a fisherman’s family. Ed gave credit to both his parents for their honesty and hard work ethic.
    Bill Perry

  • Enjoyed your video, Eddie – I love enything to do with our beloved Gloucester. I hope you are doing okay. Russell is fine & I am recovering from a total knee replacement – other than that, all is well. Take care, Gert & Russell, too.

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