Is the supermarket good for the Lobster Roll?

It is spring time and that means one thing to us all of us around here – Lobster Roll season is coming. Stay tuned for great places to get good rolls in the area. Check out what I found this week. A large local super market chain is selling a lobster roll in their fish section.  The price is $4.99 and the whole thing is refrigerated (bread and all). Honestly, it looked awful and I don’t know if I saw one piece of actual lobster. I started a rant in my head that I could go on and on about the art of the roll, why do people do this to good people, and on and on. Then I thought to myself –  Is offering a low priced option for the Lobster Roll a good thing overall? Will it inspire more folks to step up their game? Add a roll to their menu? Help me see the light on this, because I really want to rant on how this supermarket should stick to selling not so fresh fish….

Thanks – Patrick Ryan


  • Hi Patrick

    Supermarkets do not waste anything. Soon to be expired meats, poultry, fish, crab and lobster are always made into something just waiting for some sucker to come along and buy it. W.C. Fields said it all “Never smart’n up a chump and never give a sucker an even break.”

  • Marylou Tassinari

    I hope this was just a small glitch is Lobster Roll land. I am journeying to Mass. from the desert in Arizona for the purpose of the Lobster Roll. Desert rats have no iderrr
    what I am craving. Please tell me there are still true Lobsta rolls to be had.

  • It would have been better if you had tried it before expounding on how bad the lobster roll might be. They certainly aren’t perfect but having been eating these for several years I actually enjoy them as a snack. If you had asked the fish counter person where the lobster came from(as I did) you would have discovered that the lobster is freshly made daily and delivered daily from a local fish purveyor then put into the roll at the store that day. The lobster is really lobster and tastes as fresh as any $15+ roll bought at a restaurant. Do your homework next time.

  • Pretty good chance the lobster salad is bought from a Mass. based salad company, using straight mayo and previously frozen lobster meat sourced from Canada – does this make it a bad thing? No. It ain’t fancy, but it hits a price point and turns a profit. For the very best, make it at home, or try Cruiseport or Passports, both excellent. Chill people

  • I agree that at $4.99 it is probably edible but value is relative.
    I’d much rather eat a lobster roll made with lobster meat which had never been previously frozen and pay twice the money for it or shuck the meat and make it myself than eat one. But that’s just me, and I’m lucky because The Mrs makes the best lobster roll in the universe. :)

  • It’s up to the consumer. Some people can’t afford a $15.99 lobster roll. If they’re happy with the $4.99 roll. Let them enjoy them.

    • That is the consensus.. I welcome everyone to try to sell one, but I promise I will cut it down if it stinks

      • Or everyone just stop by Capt Joes and pickup a couple of lobsters and make their own at home.

        • Last time I did that five out of six were girls so I had a ton of eggs and tomalley that I serve on the side mixed up with a touch of mayo and a dash of salt. I eat that for dessert. (On the side since I know some are squeamish about the guts.)
          When I do I always push away from the table and say the exact same thing my dad said at the end of Thanksgiving dinner. That was the best lobster roll I ever had. (My dad said turkey.)

          I’ll eat canned tuna but I don’t think I’ll be eating store made lobster roll. The roll has to be wet and gooey. May as well go to MacDonalds and get the Frankenlobsta.

        • Hi Paul I’ve have a friend who jars her own tuna, she won’t touch the canned stuff. She never complains about the extended long range fishing trips her husband takes off of Baja so its a win/win situation.

  • Love the comments here! In order for full disclosure I didn’t try it so I agree I should have and done a little bit more research and talked to the guy. I truly love the Lobster Roll and was wondering what the people think of the lower cost option. There is a great comment about that supermarkets leave nothing for waste and that is likely how this got there and I can’t blame them for that – who likes waste.

  • trust me when i tell you, supermarkets are not cooking up “floaters”, or live lobster that don’t sell, and mixing them with mayo. They buy the lobster & mayo from a salad company, then put the mix into the rolls, that is what they mean when your retailer says they were made “in house”. Alot of people want the convenience of the pre-made, inexpensive lobster roll. I bet they would agree that its not the very very best, but its easy, affordable and “good enough” for a large segment of the population.

  • I agree with you Joey. All I can say is that top picture doesn’t look to appetizing. I would rather have my lobster off of bread but I did try one once that a grocery store sells & it wasn’t too bad. At least you could see the chunks of meat & the claw meat. Still bet they are not as good as the Mrs.

  • So, living in Florida we have to be cautious about Lobster Rolls, but Boston Beef and Seafood in Cocoa Beach serves Lobster Rolls only on Friday – they are totally awesome and authentic along with the onion rings, and Mainely Lobster is serving food too, so we are blessed with some great options. When I first moved to Florida the things I missed about “home” were family, steamers, lobsters – I can get two of the three locally for years now – the family I still have to travel miles for!! HAPPY EASTER GMG FRIENDS

    • I love when folks go to great lengths to find something that they miss from their hometown. Happy Easter to you as well. Thanks for commenting!

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